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“Luke is your fairly typical college student. He might be a dreamer with sky-high aspirations, but Luke’s been working hard on the traditional career path his parents laid out for him. That is until one faithful day at the start of Junior year where a single decision will set him on a journey he never could have imagined.”

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7 months ago

say sam have you thought of a animated series spin off of this comic . where laura is the host of her own web series and she befriends a down on his luck comic and helps him turn his career around by posing as a female comic . and him / her got so good that he decided to transform himself into a woman permanently . i am just wondering .

1 year ago

theres two waifu tournament pages in this fyi, one after page 149 and another after page 150

1 year ago

Suggestion: could you create “chapters” or some other labeling or organization so that it is easier to find an earlier part of this comic? Often, I want to look back at an earlier part of the story, but it’s just a complete guess what page #s that part covered, and I don’t want to click through dozens of pages to find it. Imagine a real comic book or other story book where you want to re-read an earlier part perhaps relevant to the current story, and you’ll quickly find it by skimming pages or the table of contents. That’s just… Read more »

James Caras
1 year ago

Luke is going to have to balance his double life before it comes crashing down.

1 year ago

How many pages are there in this comic ?

1 year ago

Can we expect a comics of – No hard feelings. It could turn out really sexy and horny

1 year ago

Where’s page 38? December 5th page?

Reply to  mickayla
11 months ago


James Caras
2 years ago

Where is page 21 ?