Favors and Followers

“Luke is your fairly typical college student. He might be a dreamer with sky-high aspirations, but Luke’s been working hard on the traditional career path his parents laid out for him. That is until one faithful day at the start of Junior year where a single decision will set him on a journey he never could have imagined.”

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James Caras
10 days ago

Where is page 21 ?

16 days ago

They said this c9mic is happening after getting into character, so sili gel might have figured out what happened to alyssa and created permanent sili gel so i wonder if he’ll buy that

James Caras
Reply to  Domen
16 days ago

I wouldn’t be surprised.

17 days ago

Why do I have a feeling Ana is going to know

James Caras
Reply to  AdroableDane
16 days ago

Because she is nobody’s fool. I know the type.

James Caras
23 days ago

Favors and Followers is most likely going to be my new favorite.