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By | October 20, 2021

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1 month ago

Well Luke, its time to come clean. And that means about everything. Its one thing to try and pass Lara off as your cousin, its another to interfere in Ana’s relationship for your own gains. You’ll have to tell her about that part too

1 month ago

I’ve been there! This brings back memories! My ex would have told all my friends and family about me at one point, But I got there first and told everyone before she got the chance, what was so surprising was all my friends stood by me and supported me through the fears I had! I suppose goid friends are loyal like that and it’s rare for the opposite to happen! To my experience it very rarely goes bad! I’m confident they will close ranks on that low life! They don’t seem the sort! Besides they’ve had lots of fun shopping… Read more »

Sophie Sephora
1 month ago

Will Ana recognize Lara as the bar girl?

1 month ago

Let’s hope that Ana and Jackie handle it better than we all expect.

Strahd Cat
1 month ago

I do wish we would’ve gotten a Karl monologue but good on Lara for getting out in front of it

1 month ago

three women teaming. plus remember Lara left with the proof that Karl was not only blackmailing him/her but other such women as well, so if Karl does release his pics she can go to the police and bust CpherKarl where it counts. and i do know, that if anyone who is caught doing any cyber crimes such as this they lose all uses of any computers and internet and in extreme cases all electronics including phones

1 month ago

I was almost expecting him to have something worse to blackmail Luke with but you can tell from his expression and body language that he has nothing left to control Luke with.

JD Washington
1 month ago

Now that he has no more control over Lara, we can now see Karl for what he truly is: a pathetic loser who throws a tantrum like a kid who can’t have his way.

1 month ago

I hope that Karl’s plan backfires.
Like Lara was SUCH a light for everyone that they could overcome the awkward truth and realize “wait. Who cares?? They’re still damn awesome!”

A long shot sure BUUUUT this is the universe created by SapphireFoxx. Anything can happen. Magic or not.

1 month ago

The rumor come out: Does Luke is Lara?

1 month ago

Jigsaw: Hello, Karl. I want to play a game. You’re been harassing and blackmailing victims to forced them to please your distorted desires. This game will teach you a very hard lesson of being entitled. Despite all of the advantages you were given from the beginning, you still doing again and again. Tonight, we will see how far you are willing to go to obtain that privilege once and for all. Live or be broken, Karl. Make your choice.

1 month ago

well lara / luke has finally decided to come clean to jackie and ana before karl releases the information about lara / luke that lara / luke didn’t want out in the open in the first place . and to get their help stopping karl from destroying lara / luke’s future prospects . and i know that what these ladies decide to do will quash karl’s revenge vibe completely . so i say you go ladies .

1 month ago


Reply to  silvo62
1 month ago

yea game set and match over for you karl

Reply to  shoeflypie1831
1 month ago

for all.including CYPHER and Lara