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By | April 16, 2021

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22 days ago

Luke watch out Lara might really want to be around full time if she is having to much fun.

22 days ago

With 17th falling on a weekend, I hope with all my heart the video gets published as per the automatic schedule. 🤞

Reply to  foxxlover
22 days ago

As far as I’m aware of, most animations are not on an automated schedule. Sam has to manually post the animations. The only reason it was different with the animation that came out on February 7, Faerie’s Fortune, is because Sam thought that Feb. 7 was on a Monday when it was on a Sunday. There wasn’t an error with the automated schedule. Sam just forgot what day it was.

Something like that hasn’t happened since then and Sam has promised that it won’t happen again.

Last edited 22 days ago by Zillatrek
Reply to  Zillatrek
21 days ago

Ok, thanks Zillatrek

22 days ago

I think Ana will find out that Lara is streaming in Luke room
And then place 2+2 together and realize that Lara is Luke
Also thanks to the fact that Ana think Luke to be gay

Last edited 22 days ago by Mntna90li
Reply to  Mntna90li
22 days ago

I think it is established Lara is staying with Luke so it wouldn’t be a giveaway.

Reply to  Solution
22 days ago

But still she let Lara know her suspicions about Luke’s being bi.

Reply to  jimmyinwhite
20 days ago

Not bi, she thinks hes full on gay. Because bi-erasure is a thing

JD Washington
22 days ago

Looks like Lara won’t be needing a corset anymore..

22 days ago

As the great Obi Wan Kenobi said: “I have a bad feeling about this!”… I’m sure Cypher will be making a return along with Lara.

Reply to  Ssgiiirl95
22 days ago

And this time Lara might be. More…fill in blank..