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Maker's Game

“Welcome to the land of Mysteria! Age of Adventurers is the world’s first MMORPG to utilize the revolutionary Neural Virtual Reality gaming system. Explore a massive world of majestic landscapes and lifelike battles like you’ve never experienced before in a game. Join your friends as you pick up your arms to fight against real life goblins, ogres, demons, and dragons. Age of Adventurers is an innovative gaming experience that you’ll never escape from.”

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3 years ago

Love this comic my second favorite (Different Perspectives is my
first favorite) I know this is a long shot but would a what-if scenario ever be done that Russel escapes in Izzy’s body and he gets to experience sex and what does he do as a woman? Again I know a long shot and just putting it out there but what story isn’t complete without some what-if scenarios.

Reply to  DarkKnight88
3 years ago

I have had this thought myself. Maybe it will come out in SF Beyond!

4 years ago

ty for your job

4 years ago

Is anyone having trouble loading page 199, it keeps asking me to subscribe

4 years ago

I have a question. Is the Comic of Nackers Game finish?

Reply to  MrPyro86
4 years ago

What’s Nackers Game?

If you’re referring to “Maker’s Game” then yes, the comic is finished.

Reply to  LinkandZelda4ever
4 years ago

Thx and yes I referring Maker’s Game not Nackers Game it come of the stubiet autocoretur

4 years ago

Did you based this storyline on the Japanese Anime Sword Art Online?

Reply to  sammythebull091
4 years ago

As much as I love SAO, please don’t make these comparisons.

Reply to  Kuarehime
2 years ago

It’s funny, the inspiration is definitely there, but the character development in this I would consider a lot better than SAO, which is amusing because this has a slightly lower production value. Which says a lot about the effort put into it, it’s a great job.

Reply to  sammythebull091
4 years ago

From SAO to Ready Player One this idea has been done to death

4 years ago

Just recently became a sub cause only got my 1st card recently great story I’ve got a lot more 2 catch up on.

5 years ago

Can’t see today’s 426

5 years ago

Can’t see today’s comic

Reply to  Tracy_lushes
5 years ago

Same here.