Maker’s Game Page 394

By | November 23, 2017

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5 days ago

i wonder when russell is going to pull out the old fooled you card.

4 years ago

Emerald Rune Armor for Chris?? Yes, please.

5 years ago

Way to jinks it fox

5 years ago

I said it before, and say it now, “Russell” looks quite suspicious

5 years ago

Pardon me, but did Russell ever see firsthand Grey Mask’s minions? Sounds like bad juju is at work

5 years ago

I think this is too good to be real ??

5 years ago

Russell is gray mask, or russels son is gray mask, one of the two

Reply to  Scubasteve
5 years ago

Neither of those makes sense

Ant Craft
Reply to  darththeo
5 years ago

Proven wrong!

Reply to  Scubasteve
5 years ago

Maybe ???

5 years ago

This will not go the way our group thinks one way or the other. I feel as many others have stated that something fishy is up with Russel. He is either in league with GM or something. What if Russel had originally found his son and was able to get out of the game through a backdoor and GM is just now using the avatar to do his bidding?? We know a certain fox is now onto what is going and I somehow have a feeling till we see him get fully involved this comic will not becoming to an… Read more »