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Animation Release Schedule

Animations on the Sevens. New animations on every day of the month ending in seven!


Halloween’s Game Finale — Coming October 27

“Chris is stuck in Jessica’s body, Jessica is turned into Christina, and Christina is Chris. As if that wasn’t interesting enough, a fourth member of the Young family gets involved in these shenanigans. The mil- I mean, the magnificence Scarlett!”


Two Sexy Errors – Episode 6 — Coming November 7

“Miles has trapped his parents in the autocloset, and he has full control of it. Let’s see how they like living as the opposite gender.”


Getting Into Character Act 11 — Coming November 17

“The first day of the play has arrived, and Austin’s body has settled into a very feminine shape. Mrs. Edwards finds out about what he’s been hiding from her, and she’s not pleased. What will his teacher do, and how will the play go?”


Swap Poker Finale — Coming November 27

“Being too drunk to cast magic, Chris and Isabelle find themselves stuck with each other’s body until they can sober up. How will their evening go?”

All Projects in Progress

Status Meaning:

    • Planning = Script not yet finished. Still writing and planning what will happen.
    • Early Production = Script is complete. Doing prep work such as collecting voice actor lines.
    • Creating Artwork = Art assets are being made.
    • Waiting = All artwork and voice acting is complete. Waiting for an animator to be available to start working on it.
    • Animating = All artwork complete. An animator is currently working on it.
    • Editing = Animation is complete. Adding final touches such as sound effects, credits, as well as fixing mistakes.
    • Ready for Release = Self explanatory.


Last updated: October 17


Halloween’s Game Finale Ready For Release
Two Sexy Errors – Episode 6 Ready For Release
Getting Into Character Act 11 Ready For Release
The Coed Curse Editing
Getting Into Character Act 12 Editing
Ashes to Ashes Episode 8 Editing
Swap Poker (3 of 3) Editing
Two Sexy Errors – Episode 7 Editing
Getting Into Character Act 13 Animating
Awakening IX Animating
Ashes to Ashes Episode 9 Animating
Undercover Agent Episode 10 Animating
Awakening X Waiting
Getting Into Character Act 14 Waiting
Undercover Agent Episode 9 Waiting
Two Sexy Errors – Episode 8 Waiting
Two Sexy Errors – Episode 9 Waiting
Getting Into Character Act 15 Creating Artwork
Undercover Agent Episode 11 Creating Artwork
Stars, Bars, and Stripes 6 Early Production
Stars, Bars, and Stripes 7: The Finale Early Production
Putty In Her Hands Early Production
Babe Out Of Hell Early Production
The King’s Heirs VII Planning
The King’s Heirs VIII Planning
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells Planning
Wild Wednesday Planning
Second Honeymoon Planning
Ashes to Ashes Episode 10 Planning
Ashes to Ashes Episode 11 Planning
Awakening XI Planning
Awakening XII Planning
Two Sexy Errors – Episode 10 Planning
Two Sexy Errors – Episode 11 Planning
Getting Into Character Act 16 Planning
Getting Into Character Act 17 Planning
Undercover Agent Episode 12 Planning
Undercover Agent Episode 13: The Finale Planning

**This list is NOT the order the animations are being released in. This list orders projects by completion percentage. **

Completed Series

Stealing From Sis
Becoming A Bridesmaid
Too Good To Put Down
My Apprentice
Halloween Switch
Doing Business As
The Great Jason Maverick
Earning Those Tips
The Heist


Ongoing Series

Getting Into Character
Undercover Agent
The King’s Heirs
Ashes to Ashes
Two Sexy Errors
Stars, Bars, and Stripes


Upcoming Series

(Waiting to finish some existing series)


Swap Poker


One Shots

Wild Wednesday*
Corporate Takeover
The Coed Curse*
Cheater’s Punishment
Two For One
Little Witches
Halloween’s Game
Wish in the Classroom Redux
Mommy Makeover
Widow’s Web
Loyal Customers
Online Poser
Beauty of the Sea
Work of Art
Mixed Up
Another Chance
New Year in a New Land
The Student
Karma’s A Babe
Fun In The Sun
The Date
What Goes Around Comes Around
Dreams Come True
One Sexy Error
Show Me Where It Hurts
Miss Stewart

* means upcoming.


Canceled Series

Model Parent (Former Commission)
Crossplay (No more TG in the comic)
Spread The Joy (Former Commission)
The Grandmother Paradox (Lack of Interest)



It’s that time of year again! With Godmother winding down, the new comic series will be coming soon. The sixth SapphireFoxx Comic will be titled Cinder Isle! Godmother’s finale will be page 321, ending on November 28th. With Cinder Isle starting the next day, the new comic will be premiering November 29th.

“Set along the Maine coastline, the idyllic town of Cinder Isle never experienced anything out of the ordinary in its long history. In the autumn of 1996, that all changed. The townsfolk were faced with an event no one could see coming. Not knowing where it came from or how to stop it, the people of Cinder Isle must adapt to their new reality.”

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2 hours 34 minutes ago

Austin looks quite cute but the Teacher looks really MAD.

6 hours 36 minutes ago


7 hours 12 minutes ago


10 hours 54 minutes ago

I can’t wait to see what Sam have planed for November

22 hours 26 minutes ago

I get the feeling that Harvey has a secret of his own. I also think Damon is going to get wise.
Damon may be an insensitive jerk but he is not stupid.

22 hours 26 minutes ago

I get the feeling that Harvey has a secret of his own. I also think Damon is going to get wise.
Damon may be an insensitive jerk but he is not stupid.

22 hours 29 minutes ago

Can you say post apocalyptic. I knew you could.

8 days 7 hours ago

Hey why don’t you make animation word there’s this guy who gets picked on by three bullies and they all bullies are cursed then after they change the main bully falls in love with the guy they’re picking on all the guys are nerd so it would be kind of cool

1 day 7 hours ago

don’t mind paul he or she just being a ass . your story plot would be cool even if it has been done kinda they could do a short one shot with a bully falling in love with the person they bullied after being turned . even tho I think factured touched on this with the tg girl they bullied they started to like her not fall in love so they could possibly make a cont. storied on that not sure there will be much interested in making it on sams part since most of the storys are planned for… Read more »

1 day 3 hours ago

Now whose the one being the asshole, by using very insulting words that have no place here. You may not like my tone, but at least I’ve never insulted anyone in these comments. The only thing I’m doing is using the comment section for its intended purpose – to communicate with other users. Jeff posted his suggestion in a place where anyone can comment on it, thus he made it free for everyone to give their thoughts and constructive criticism on it. If I have questions and thoughts on his idea, that doesn’t make me an asshole, that just means… Read more »

5 hours 26 minutes ago

You insult plenty people Paul Sell

2 hours 45 minutes ago

yeah he bullying that person aint right sam needs to block him off here

2 hours 22 minutes ago

I would say no one is bullying anyone here, but that’s not true – you, samfox, are bullying me. You’re the one throwing around hateful and disrespectful insults and saying I should be blocked despite doing nothing wrong. Clearly, you’re the one filled with hate and vile that has no place here and should not be tolerated anywhere on this website. Everyone should be able to express their thoughts and feelings freely, without fear of being insulted like you’re doing to me, especially since you’re so quick to throw around awful words and phrases like “you’re a faggot with no… Read more »

5 hours 13 minutes ago

We’ve been through this already – I’ve never insulted anyone in these comments. If people take what I say as an insult, then that’s on them not taking my words at face value, so it’s on them, not me.

7 days 16 hours ago

Bullies getting turned into women and then becoming good friends with the person they picked on has already been done very well in “Fractured.”

6 days 12 hours ago

That’s not really what fractured was though. Jeff is asking for a series where the Bullies are turned and fall in love with the guy they teased.

6 days 12 hours ago

That’s exactly what “Fractured” was from the perspective of the four main characters – bullies getting turned into women, adjusting to their new lives and bodies, and coming to terms with the decisions of their past, shown mostly through becoming friends with someone they bullied. In a nutshell, that’s “Fractured.” And your description of what Jeff is asking for is “Fractured” to a tee except replace “falling in love” with “becoming good friends.” Aside from that very minor difference, that is “Fractured.” If Sam made a story like the one Jeff described, the only thing people would talk about is… Read more »

1 day 11 hours ago

Look at Earning those Tips and Getting into Character … main character uses silly gel in order to get a role/job in order to improve their lives/livelihood and encounter problems with the use.

It’s the minor differences that MAKE the story.

1 day 12 hours ago

You are thinking too simplistic, Paul. There are tons of stories that are repeated. I could state that Stars Bars and Stripes is like Doing Business As because it hits the same points. Fractured was told from the story of the bully adjusting to life as a woman where the person they teased comes in later to help them, Jeff appears to be asking for a story where the bully and the bullied are together throughout it. If you boil down anything, you can say it is the same … I could argue that Harry Potter and Star Wars Original… Read more »

1 day 11 hours ago

It’s not just that what Jeff is suggesting would be a “repeat” of “Fractured.” It’s that they would literally be the same story with just one element changed. It has nothing to do with boiling things down or anything like that. If you take the core elements of “Fractured” and compare it to what Jeff set up, then they all line up perfectly. Bullies? Check. Bullies cursed to become women? Check. Guy they bullied plays part in the story after the transformation? Check. Aside from the whole falling in love part, that’s all Jeff suggested. He didn’t say anything about… Read more »

1 day 7 hours ago

u really need to calm the hell down . he just asking for something and u are harassing them its not that serious chill the fuck out .

1 day 3 hours ago

I am very calm and no one is harassing anyone here. Sounds like you’re the one that needs to calm down.

1 day 7 hours ago

You just proved my point.

Chosen not raised by parents? Check
Taken on a journey aided by a bearded man? Check.
Save the world through his special nature? Check.

Proof Harry Potter and Star Wars are the same story.

Again, you see it could only be the same thing because you are looking at it through your own eyes. It would be similar to fractured but not fractured.

1 day 3 hours ago

If it would be similar to “Fractured” like that, then why make it at all?

1 day 3 hours ago

We already had a silly gel story with it’s trouble … why have another? We already had a cross dressing story … why have another?

It depends on how similar it is. The bullies in Fractured teased someone who was transgender and they realized they were wrong not directly because of curse.

There are many ways to tell the same story and just because they are alike doesn’t make it the same.

8 days 10 hours ago

Maine as a location!!! I see bet I can see Mr. Stephen King in the background ^^

9 days 6 hours ago

Hey I having a problem with my account. I paid for it on the 5th and only had that one day. Plz help. I sent an email but have not received any response yet.

8 days 5 hours ago

Takes a few days just wait.

11 days 40 minutes ago

The poll on “Stars, Bars, and Stripes” — These people are still criminals! Forgery, identity theft — they should be caught! They are still committing crimes against innocent people! I suppose we can get all wet-eyed about their emerging love affair, but lets not forget who they really are.

2 days 57 minutes ago

Hey Freedom, can happen in the future… (Prison for 10 years) then freedom.

8 days 17 hours ago

So were Bonnie and Clyde……

8 days 14 hours ago

Yeah, and look how their love story ended…in a hail of gunfire where the two of them are destroyed without any mercy or remorse. And it’s often said to be one of the greatest film endings of all time.

All the more reason for them to get caught!

13 days 2 hours ago

The new comic looks amazing, at least the cover… really looking forward to it :3

15 days 22 hours ago

I hope agent spears stays jade… any guy who does that and has sex as a female is fully female

15 days 22 hours ago

Actually, there have been plenty of guys in these comics and animations who have had sex as a woman and haven’t stayed full women. Chris, Oliver, Jason Maverick and Hikaru all know what sex as a woman feels like, but chose to go back to being men. Considering the bind Agent Spears is in right now, I don’t blame him for wanting to get out and go back to being a man…that is, if he can.

14 days 6 hours ago

hope spears lose !!! grins

18 days 7 hours ago

Stranger Things is my favorite TV show, so this has me really super fricking excited.

19 days 9 hours ago

My subscription ended 2 days ago I keep updating my card number but it’s not working

13 days 9 hours ago

They helped me out with the same issue!!!
Very diligent!