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Animation Release Schedule

Animations on the Sevens. New animations on every day of the month ending in seven!


Getting Into Character Act 25 — Coming March 7

“In the second to last episode of Getting Into Character, Alyssa has got a lot going on in her life. She’s got her wedding coming up, and she has plans to start a family. On the verge of being a wife and mother, this former high school boy has certainly come a long way.”


Marriage Counseling (1 of 4) — Coming March 17

“Amber is only a year into her marriage, but already there are serious issues going on between her and her husband. That’s why she’s hoping that her gay friend Brandon can give her a hand.”


An Untrusting Fiance 3 — Coming March 27

“Cyrus suspects that Kelvin might be bisexual. While Tom is out running an errand, Cyrus puts Kelvin to the test.”

All Projects in Progress

Status Meaning:

    • Planning = Script not yet finished. Still writing and planning what will happen.
    • Early Production = Script is complete. Doing prep work such as collecting voice actor lines.
    • Creating Artwork = Art assets are being made.
    • Waiting = All artwork and voice acting is complete. Waiting for an animator to be available to start working on it.
    • Animating = All artwork complete. An animator is currently working on it.
    • Editing = Animation is complete. Adding final touches such as sound effects, credits, as well as fixing mistakes.
    • Ready for Release = Self explanatory.


Last updated: February 27

Getting Into Character Act 25 Ready For Release
Getting Into Character Act 26: The Finale Ready For Release
Full Service – Episode 7 Ready For Release
Marriage Counseling (1 of 4) Editing
Marriage Counseling (2 of 4) Editing
Booby Trap (1 of 2) Editing
Booby Trap (2 of 2) Editing
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 7 Animating
Marriage Counseling (3 of 4) Animating
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 3 Animating
Marriage Counseling (4 of 4) Waiting
Full Service – Episode 8 Waiting
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 8 Waiting
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 9 Waiting
Full Service – Episode 9: The Finale Waiting
Finder’s Keepers Waiting
Love For A Price – Episode 6 Creating Artwork
Love For A Price – Episode 7 Creating Artwork
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 4 Creating Artwork
Night of the Witches Creating Artwork
Wild West Manhunt (1 of 3) Creating Artwork
Wild West Manhunt (2 of 3) Creating Artwork
Wild West Manhunt (3 of 3) Creating Artwork
Love For A Price – Episode 8 Early Production
Love For A Price – Episode 9 Early Production
Love For A Price – Episode 10 Early Production
Love For A Price – Episode 11 Early Production
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 5 Early Production
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 6 Early Production
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 7 Early Production
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 8 Early Production
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 9 Early Production
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 10 Early Production
College Try Early Production
Going Bust Early Production
Awakening 13 Planning
Awakening 14 Planning
Untitled Pool One-shot Planning
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 10 Planning
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 11 Planning
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 12 Planning
Rookie Mistake (2 of 3) Planning
Rookie Mistake (3 of 3) Planning
Love For A Price – Episode 12 Planning
Love For A Price – Episode 13 Planning
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 11 Planning
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 12 Planning
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 13 Planning
Sci-Fi Comic Prequel One-shot Planning

**This list is NOT the order the animations are being released in. This list orders projects by completion percentage. **

Completed Series

Stealing From Sis
Becoming A Bridesmaid
Too Good To Put Down
My Apprentice
Halloween Switch
Doing Business As
The Great Jason Maverick
Earning Those Tips
The Heist
Swap Poker
Stars, Bars, and Stripes
Undercover Agent
Two Sexy Errors
The King’s Heirs
Ashes to Ashes
Second Honeymoon


Ongoing Series

Getting Into Character
Love For A Price
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells
Full Service
An Untrusting Fiancé


Upcoming Series

Marriage Counseling
Wild West Manhunt


One Shots

Sci-Fi Comic Prequel One-shot*
Going Bust*
Finder’s Keepers*
Night of the Witches*
Booby Trap*
Faerie’s Fortune
The Midnight Salon
Ghosts of Emeralis
Rookie Mistake
Wild Wednesday
Top It Off
O Sister, Where Art Thou?
Backstage Pass
No Hard Feelings Redux
Putty In Her Hands
Babe Out Of Hell
The Coed Curse
Corporate Takeover
Cheater’s Punishment
Two For One
Little Witches
Halloween’s Game
Wish in the Classroom Redux
Mommy Makeover
Widow’s Web
Loyal Customers
Online Poser
Beauty of the Sea
Work of Art
Mixed Up
Another Chance
New Year in a New Land
The Student
Karma’s A Babe
Fun In The Sun
The Date
What Goes Around Comes Around
Dreams Come True
One Sexy Error
Show Me Where It Hurts
Miss Stewart

* means upcoming.


Canceled Series

Model Parent (Former Commission)
Crossplay (No more TG in the comic)
Spread The Joy (Former Commission)
The Grandmother Paradox (Lack of Interest)


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1 day ago

Why not make an episode of getting into character where Alyssa gets pregnant or she adopts a kid

Reply to  Lesbian
1 day ago

Well that was what was discussed in the last episode. After Alyssa has gender reassignment surgery and they find out if it was done well enough that Alyssa can have her own children, they’ve said that they would both like to have children. If it’s possible for Alyssa to have her own kids, then they’d like to do it that way. But even it doesn’t work, they’ve said that they’ll adopt. Either way, with two episodes left, sounds like there’s a good chance that we’ll find out what they end up doing to become parents.

Last edited 1 day ago by Zillatrek
2 days ago

And you think ideas for animations cuz I have one there are three bullies picking on one guy and turns out all three of them are cursed so they get taken out in the mean bully falls in love with the guy they were are picking on

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
6 days ago

That’s fine. 🙂 thanks for letting us know

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
3 days ago

What caused you to make the decision to put Untrusting Fiancé in that slot instead of one that is already finished? It’s obviously your call, but I’m just curious.

Last edited 3 days ago by ST-user
Reply to  ST-user
2 days ago

Sam has addressed this in the past, but he doesn’t like to release episodes of the same series in the same month or back-to-back months. And everything that’s close to being done is something that’s already came out in February or will come out in March.

People seem to be really enjoying Untrusting Fiance, so I’m sure he doesn’t want to keep people waiting long for the next episode. Same with Love for a Price – we’ve been waiting a long time for the next episode, so people are anxious to see the series continue.

Last edited 2 days ago by Zillatrek
Damian Kaiser-Crompton
Reply to  Zillatrek
2 days ago

More enjoy “The Awakening” (I am not one of those)…

Reply to  Damian Kaiser-Crompton
2 days ago

It’s debatable whether or not more people are enjoying Awakening than they are enjoying Untrusting Fiance or Love for a Price. I would argue that no, in general, the SF audience has been loving Untrusting Fiance and Love for a Price more than Awakening and they’re more excited to see those series continue than Awakening. But either way, Awakening isn’t even close to being ready for March or even April. Even if they started working on the next Awakening episode today, it wouldn’t be ready to release until at least June or July. So it’s not in the discussion for… Read more »

Damian Kaiser-Crompton
Reply to  SapphireFoxx
2 days ago

Looking forward to it 🙂

6 days ago

what time is Full Service – Episode 6 coming

6 days ago

What will happen to Awakening storyline? Will it continue someday?

Reply to  Maika
6 days ago

Sam has said that Awakening will return at some point in the future. The series isn’t cancelled, it’s just on hiatus while they focus on newer and/or more popular series, like Getting Into Character and Love for a Price.

James Caras
7 days ago

Love for a Price or An Untrusting Fiance ? It doesn’t matter. I like them both.

Christian Davis
Christian Davis
7 days ago

Quick question is Phillip from Earning those tips Gender Fluid or not

8 days ago

Which among the two for 3/27 has beyond content?

Reply to  foxxlover
8 days ago

Probably both.

Alan harris
Alan harris
9 days ago

What do you mean by No more TG in the comic? Why is that a reason to cancel the Crossplay series?

Reply to  Alan harris
8 days ago

First of all, it’s worth noting that that reason is why Crossplay has been cancelled for over seven years. Second, keep in mind that Crossplay is an animated adaptation of a comic of the same name by Spawnfan. And very quickly after the last animated episode ended, the comic went in a completely different direction. It no longer had any transformation or transgender elements to it. It stopped being about a guy dressing up as a woman and just became about a trip to a convention. Thus, there was no reason to continue animating the comic when it was no… Read more »

Last edited 8 days ago by Zillatrek
14 days ago

Full Service 6 (First lines)

Jazmin: Great I’ve lost my job I have date with my best friend and now im considering taking up exotic dancing full time can this day get any worse


(Jazmin opens the door so see lexus)

Lexus: Hello hot stuff miss me

Jazmin: I spoke too soon

Reply to  Markodan92
10 days ago

Lexus: Don’t be sad sexy at mid it you love how you look like this.

14 days ago

Same here

James Caras
15 days ago

When it comes to a choice between Love for a Price or An Untrusting Fiance,
surprise me because I like them both.

15 days ago

Love For a Price is my favorite

JD Washington
15 days ago

I don’t mind if you take your time making the next episode of Love For A Price. Yes, I know that it’s been a while since the last one, but I’d rather you don’t rush this, which might cause some possible slip-ups, so that the series’ comeback would be as perfect as possible. Waiting another month doesn’t sound so bad, if that’s the case.

What I wish for, though, is for the Animations page to be finally updated with the new series, especially since the other Love For A Price episodes are getting buried and harder to find already.

15 days ago

Love for a price should come first
#VoteLove-For-A-Price ❤️ 4 A 🤑

Brooke Noelle
Reply to  HarleyWolfUP
15 days ago

Disagree. Untrusting Fiancé is the move (not like we have any say over it)

Reply to  HarleyWolfUP
15 days ago

Which animation comes out on March 27 is not up to a vote. It doesn’t matter which animation we want. All that matters is which animation is fully animated first. If Untrusting Fiance 3 gets all of its animations finished first, then that will be the March 27 animation. But if Love for a Price 6 is created before Untrusting Fiance, then that will be first.

We have no power in this situation.

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
15 days ago