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  • Godmother Trailer

  • Wish In The Classroom Trailer

  • Widow’s Web Trailer

  • The Great Jason Maverick Trilogy Trailer

  • Getting Into Character Trailer

  • Halloween Switch Trailer
    Halloween Switch Trailer

  • Maker's Game
    Maker’s Game Preview

  • Doing Business As Trailer
    Doing Business As Trailer

  • Matchmaker Trailer
    Matchmaker Trailer

  • Earning Those Tips Trailer
    Earning Those Tips Trailer

  • Halloween Switch 6 Preview
    Halloween Switch 6 Preview

  • Fractured Preview

  • Stealing From Sis Anniversary Preview

  • My Apprentice I Trailer

  • New Year In A New Land Trailer

  • Work Of Art Trailer

  • Halloween Switch 1 Trailer

  • The Great Jason Maverick Trailer

  • Different Perspectives Trailer

  • The Date Trailer

  • Too Good to Put Down 1 Trailer

  • Awakening 1 Trailer

  • One Sexy Error


Comics are series that last for about a year before they conclude and a new comic takes it’s place for the daily released pages. You can see the first 25 page of each series below.

“Oliver is a struggling professional model trying to get his career off the ground in the fierce streets of New York. He gets some divine help in his hour of need, but it’s not exactly what he was expecting. Soon enough his career is the least of Oliver’s problems.”


Maker's Game

“Welcome to the land of Mysteria! Age of Adventurers is the world’s first MMORPG to utilize the revolutionary Neural Virtual Reality gaming system. Explore a massive world of majestic landscapes and lifelike battles like you’ve never experienced before in a game. Join your friends as you pick up your arms to fight against real life goblins, ogres, demons, and dragons. Age of Adventurers is an innovative gaming experience that you’ll never escape from.”

Fractured Wallpaper Welcome

Meet Blake, Evan, Matthew, and Kyle. These four rotten men have zero regard for others, and don’t care who gets in their way. When a certain Fox tries to protect someone they are abusing, they turn their sights on him. Even being shattered into thousands of pieces won’t stop Fox from getting back at these four.


Different Perspectives Wallpaper Welcome

Different Perspectives is the story of Chris Young, a guy in high school who finds out he has the power to transform into people by wearing their clothes. Weirdly, it only works on girls’ clothes. Chris frequently uses his power to help out the people he knows or for his own personal gain, but his plans always seem to backfire on him while he’s transformed. He has a number of girls to choice from including his girlfriend, sister, mother, teacher, and his female self.

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19 hours 37 minutes ago

Also what happened to the news tab/section here?

6 hours 36 minutes ago

It’s still part of the site, but it’s been removed from the sidebar, since Sam hasn’t had any new news to report. Everything that Sam said in those blog posts are still on the site, you just have to search for them.

19 hours 41 minutes ago

What going on with the NSFW version of the site? Haven’t seen news about for a while.

3 days 10 hours ago

I can log in but can’t see new video.

3 days 2 hours ago

I’d suggest sending an email to support@sapphirefoxx.com and explaining your situation there rather than doing so in the comments.

7 days 5 hours ago

what going on with the second site I want to pay for that one

6 days 11 hours ago

The last time we heard something about it was a while ago, but there’s a comment further down this page by forward58 that explains the situation. Basically, the site is months behind schedule due to technical and legal problems and will mostly like not be ready in 2018.

7 days 10 hours ago

Does becoming a bridesmaid have sound?

7 days 8 hours ago

It does not have sound. All dialogue is done through word balloons and there is no music or sound effects.

9 days 13 hours ago

What software do u use I think it’s a combo of flash, photoshop, illustrator, and after effects.

6 days 11 hours ago

According to the “What software do you use?” question underneath the “Help” section of the website, Sam uses Adobe Animate CC for animating and comics, and Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere for audio and video editing.

10 days 11 hours ago

Ok Sam you gotta come clean: have you secretly contacted Sakurai to help include Alistair or Isabelle?? CAUSE AT THIS POINT I WOULDNT BE SURPRISED AFTER TODAYS ANNOUNCEMENT FOR SMASH!!!

6 days 7 hours ago


11 days 9 hours ago

I would LOVE to know what’s going on with my payments!
And how to update my payment method!
Sam, if you would, can you please explain how to do so???

11 days 12 hours ago

Hi I’m a multimedia college grad and I love the work you do and if you ever need any help let me know also I’m curious what animation software you use I have some theories but would like to know thx

11 days 15 hours ago

Who else are you going to add onto the banner ?

13 days 14 hours ago

How can I update a different card for payment??,

14 days 17 hours ago

Godmother 205 is 201

14 days 14 hours ago

Click on the image of today’s page and it’ll show you the proper comic page.

16 days 18 hours ago

Hi! I can’t see the older comics like earning those tips etc. any idea why?

16 days 14 hours ago

Well “Earning Those Tips” is an animated series, not a comic. So maybe you’re not looking in the right area of the website?

10 days 9 hours ago

Yeah, tell us the error of our ways, Paul.

17 days 23 hours ago

I need help I have an issue going on saying I need to update my payment information and I did everything in the info page and nothing.

18 days 13 hours ago

Is there a way I can download multiple pages from the website at once?

18 days 12 hours ago

Nope, Sam doesn’t want anybody downloading any comic pages or animations. The reason for this is because if Sam made that available to everyone, somebody could and would post his content on another website where everyone could watch or see it for free, thus ruining his business. It’s a business move to protect and manage his content, making sure no one uses it without his permission.

15 days 3 hours ago

I just found out from another post under Godmother that there is a pirate Youtube site TG union that has some of Sam’s work.