Different Perspectives Page 3

By | October 4, 2014

“Chris accidentally put on his sister’s shirt. In a matter of seconds, his body has changed to fit what he’s wearing. Everything her shirt touches has become exactly like Jessica’s. What kind of magic is at work here? Is it from her clothes, or his body? Who is responsible for this magic?”

Becoming A Bridesmaid 9 will be out this evening. 🙂

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1 year ago

Hola Sapphire Fox, se que probablemente no leas esto, pero si lo haces era para decirte que seria genial que le hicieras una traducción al español a los comics, soy un gran fan, y si bien no puedo pagar la membresía, tu me has brindado muchos momentos de distracción, así que muchas gracias.

4 years ago

Dudes….think about this…if chris never mixed up Jessica’s top for his, he wouldn’t have discovered his ability, wouldn’t have met Isabelle, wouldn’t have learned his family’s lineage, his powers, and hell wouldn’t have made Christina be born!

Granted he still would’ve entered that Makers game and by incident would’ve learned he was a wizard by- ok sorry sorry getting a little too ahead of myself, but seriously…a simple laundry mixup lead to all this….

7 years ago

You fogot a link under the Comic Sektion.

7 years ago

The turning into your twin thing has already been done, I wouldn’t be surprise if he is turning into the girl in the coming soon photo. I think he may turning into the girl in the comic test. Anyway great start! Looking forward to more!

7 years ago

No statue tho, how come?

Reply to  aliffhazry
7 years ago

There would be little in the world that could keep up with the number of people who need attention in the Fox’s business. Also, I don’t think the Fox has to be there in person to do the job.

7 years ago

I think will be slow/gradual transformation…

7 years ago

I was right. The shirt WAS enchanted. Only difference to what I suspected was that it was his sister JESSICA’S shirt, not his. Either way, I think it’s good. I agree with another writer on one thing. If Chris does change into a twin, or clone of his mom or his sister, I hope he changes into a twin of his mom. She’s so much hotter and sexier and has a better figure than his sister Jessica. If he does become a twin of his mom, the only change that would be needed is to change him into a copy… Read more »

Reply to  Cartoonist
7 years ago

I agree with Cartoonist i want that shirt!

Reply to  Cartoonist
7 years ago

If I had to guess, I’d say through the course of this comic he’ll get to be both his mother and sister. The Different Perspectives makes me think he’ll spend time as more than one woman.

James Caras
7 years ago

Is Jessica going to change?

7 years ago

At first, I thought it would be the mom, but if its jessica can’t wait for the next page.

7 years ago

One page a day is gift enough, especially for our subscription fee. Keep your sanity and continue to enjoy yourself and we’ll stick around for the journey.

7 years ago

The anticipation is killing it! But in a good way….

7 years ago

Well well, the transformations started quickly, indeed!

Geoffro Madness
7 years ago

i have a good feeling where this is going. another steal from sis, bbut possibly more temporary. looks great so far!

7 years ago

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee boo-yah

7 years ago

He should put on Scarlet’s clothes cause she is much hotter.

Reply to  andreamccall
7 years ago

I totally agree with you on that. Hope it happens. He’ll/she’ll be sooooo much better looking and sexier.