48 thoughts on “Maker’s Game Page 11

  1. Pirate Billie

    How goes it Sam? Good you live in the NE and the cool weather probably feels nice on the swelling. Very interesting opening story. Naw..who wants a jumble of transition animations with no story, deviant art can give you that. Tell us a good story!!

  2. NicoleAsagiri

    Hmmmmm…. that is a very awkward placement of the pistol in the last frame…… having been around guns all my life, there is no way that pistol would sit like that when in a holster or even tucked into the belt…. it would fall quite easily…. not to mention that it would be rather uncomfortable with a pistol’s slide/barrel resting like that over the butt… maybe it’s just me, but the pose makes it look like the pistol is shoved between the hacker’s butt cheek…. Otherwise, great work as usual SF Team. ^-^;

    1. Senko

      It probably is, reminds me of a movie where one of the characters took a “tip” from movies and shoved then gun into their jean’s waistband. Then when they tried to yank it out and shoot someone they accidentally pulled the trigger . .. early.

    1. Senko

      The question is if you were the developer which would scare you more.

      1) Someone trying to steal data on your state of the art technology.

      2) Someone accessing your state of the art technology to do something with people logged into it.

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