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Maker’s Game Page 26

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Maker’s Game Page 25

“Cynthel is enjoying the game when suddenly she hears a cry for help. It seems Hikaru has found something much more dangerous than a big old boar. With the support system down, there’s no way to enforce order over the trapped players.”

Maker’s Game Page 24

“Yuzuki doesn’t want Leon around because he’s the only reason he’s there was to hit of her brother. Well, he offers help and all his knowledge of AOA to finding a way out of this growing mess. While those two try teaming up, Hikaru just wants to find some armor that will cover his body up more.” Its… Read More »

Maker’s Game Page 23

“Cynthel is amazed at how real Mysteria looks and feels. Before he can even get a whole minute to enjoy it, trouble is brewing. Word is spreading that the log out buttons are all disabled, as well as the support system that could have been used to call for help from the admins. But surely, they’ll be fine… Read More »