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By | November 17, 2016

“Cynthel is amazed at how real Mysteria looks and feels. Before he can even get a whole minute to enjoy it, trouble is brewing. Word is spreading that the log out buttons are all disabled, as well as the support system that could have been used to call for help from the admins. But surely, they’ll be fine if people in the outside world take the NVR’s off of them.”

Matchmaker Episode 5 is out now!

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1 year ago

well all the players in the game now know that they can’t exit the game or let the staff at the game management know what’s going on. oh wow there’s going to be a lot of complaints about this game.

3 years ago

Than they shuck is there for 2 years like in SAO

7 years ago

How do they go to the bathroom

Reply to  steven
7 years ago

Nobody goes to the bathroom in video games. Heck, lots of games don’t even have bathrooms to go to.

7 years ago

So, here’s a thought. Most armor in games like this would be pretty damn impractical in real life, either to fight in or just to wear. Does the game compensate for that? For instance, there are presumably different environments. What would happen if, say, the brunette with the purple lipstick went to a snowy zone? That’s not exactly cold-weather gear she’s wearing… (For that matter, a guy in the third panel has a hood and short sleeves. Either his head is going to be too warm, or his arms are going to be too cold.)

7 years ago

Just noticed that this comic has chapters

Levi D Dalv
7 years ago

As long as this doesn’t become like SAO, where they die, this is going to be good.

7 years ago

Must resist urge to compare to SAO…

7 years ago

Oh, you silly trapped gamers. The NVR is probably loaded with some kind of “deadly if the safety systems are forcibly disabled” thing in them, and if you remove them, you probably die. Probably. That, or Foxx has decided to have some kind of enchantment from an evil magus imbue the game’s code with some kind of “your real bodies are empty husks, your souls are in the virtual world” kind of deal.

Yes, I’ve probably read too much SAO related stuff, and other similar stories… I’m too prepped for this 😛