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7 months ago

even in the virtual reality game there’s some pervert trying to hit on a female game character . what is this world coming to when you can’t be safe in a virtual reality game.

1 year ago

Just love this comic! So interesting
1 year ago


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5 years ago

anyone think this is similar to sword art online?

5 years ago

You know seeing as it’s discovered people respawn after dying later in the comic…might I make a suggestion Cynthel?

The bob barker treatment!

Veteris Ordo Seclorum
6 years ago

Stab that ol’ creep right in the chest… or the asshole, maybe that’d be more appropriate! Give him a taste of his own medicine!

Reply to  Veteris Ordo Seclorum
5 years ago

Spoiler: Cynthel chops the rapist’s hand off, and when he tries to fight back, stabs the pervert in the chest, killing him

6 years ago

He licks her like it is a ice cream lol

Pirate Billie
6 years ago

Hmmmm…about to see some player on player combat. Unwanted, uninvited , touching was a shock to me when I started to pass. The dudes who just think they can just cop a feel!! More then once some guy has been just getting too close- I used to be all flattered because it meant I was passing- but now it just pisses me off.