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By | November 6, 2016

“While Hikaru was busy creating a blue bombshell of an elf avatar, his sister created a male character! Yuzuki wasn’t going to tell herself get sexualized by a game’s overly sexy armor, and instead created a warrior named Terrick. Seems that ‘little sis’ is all grown up now.”

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1 year ago

hikaru’s sister went with a male character. and boy what a character her male character sure does look like a young rock hudson.

6 years ago

leena looks cute when she’s embrassed and her ears down

7 years ago

hee hee hee aww bro sis fight

7 years ago

Despite what you said about Pokemon I only know that Jake Paque, Michele Knotz, Brittany Lauda, and Daman Mills from your animations did something in Pokemon. Sarah Wiedenheft, Matt Shipman, Melf Heflin among a few others were not heard in Pokemon at least to my knowledge (Matt Shipman is however in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V however).

Reply to  Chromer
7 years ago

can we get Dan green ?

7 years ago

Hmm girl uses a guy avatar, identified as inquisitive. Guy uses a girl avatar, identified as perverse. Probably one of the most consistent themes throughout anime history.

I look forward to seing this story progress and hopefully address this issues

7 years ago

I love how Hikaru is now much shorter than his sister now! And I definitely don’t knock him for going the route he did!

7 years ago

voice actors from pokemon?, reminds me of half the cast from Slayers 😉 can you get Eric Stewart?(Brock,James from Team rocket, Seto Kiba, Gourry and Zorro) hehehehe.

7 years ago

Did anyone notice that Hikaru’s/Leera’s hand isn’t attached to his/her arm in the last panel… ??…

Reply to  Nuckles70
7 years ago


Reply to  Nuckles70
7 years ago

I didn’t until you mentioned it, good eye.

Reply to  Nuckles70
7 years ago

More like the whole arm is out of place from the shoulder and hand.