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1 year ago

oh that mysterious hacker really doesn’t want anyone to log out of the game. i wonder why that is.

6 years ago

Peoples, the reason this reminds you of SAO is because SAO Is generic, and that’s coming from someone who liked it when they first saw it. That being said, if you want to watch SAO but interesting check out SAO Abridged by Something Witty Entertainment.

7 years ago

Someone watch SAO

7 years ago

Yuzuki’s shield looks a bit weird how its placed on her back.

7 years ago

So is it supposed to be read left side right side left side down then right side?

Reply to  Link60fly
7 years ago


7 years ago

what kinds of lessons she will teach her brother ” Hikaru”?

7 years ago

sounds like your SAO-ing it. love it

Reply to  smuge316
7 years ago

“Sword Art Online” was not the first work of fiction to tell the “people trapped in a video game” story. Movies like “Tron” and animes like the “.hack” series told it long before SAO ever did. So if “Maker’s Game” is attempting to be something else, it wouldn’t be SAO, it would be “Tron” or “.hack.” Or, to put it even better, all of these shows and movies fall into the same genre – the “people trapped in a video game” genre. And when you’re telling that type of story, you’re always going to have similar starting points. You have… Read more »

Reply to  LinkandZelda4ever
7 years ago

Agreed. With all the SAO I finally decided to watch the anime. It was nice, but nothing ground breaking in the genre and the characters were rather flat and stereotypical and in line with most anime. Sam has done a much better job developing her characters in past stories and I’m sure we’ll soon be invested a lot in these ones too. Plenty of trapped in a computer stuff out there, but not much in developed TG and exploring what it means to inhabit an online avatar that is different than your own body.

Reply to  LinkandZelda4ever
7 years ago

As I’ve said elsewhere there are too many people in this world who on finding something annoys people will go out of their way to keep doing it because “the reactions funny” (at least till they get smacked with a laptop) rather than stop.

Reply to  LinkandZelda4ever
7 years ago

Ok but SAO is developp in the young society recently.
And we have the same sequence that SAO (“Why logout bouton not active ?”, etc).

Even the helmet reminds the universe. We can not say that there is no inspiration.

Reply to  LinkandZelda4ever
7 years ago

What is SAO

7 years ago

It sounds like everyone is so mean to the mc :c