Fractured Page 3

By | November 7, 2015

“Meanwhile on the rooftops above, a fox is on the hunt when his apprentice teleports in after a long day of work. His descendant has been doing very well under his tutelage, and is even close to matching his curse cure production. Better step up your game, old man.”

Doing the math, he has been a Fox since 1456. Hard to say what year he was actually born in.

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48 thoughts on “Fractured Page 3

  1. TheDarkNeon

    “I’ve never even been able to try Pizza.”

    …my…god…is this Hell?

    One day Alistair one day.

    But please stay FAAAAR away from pineapple pizza

    (No dissing you pineapple lovers I’m just saying…it’d be a bad first impression for him)

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