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Fractured Page 25

“You should be keeping a closer eye on that wife, Gregg. She’s all over that handsome realtor, and his hardwood. When the office calls him in, expect worst case scenario leaving Jenni alone with Blake.” After trying to decide on how to show people are whispering, I went with grey colored text over really small text to make… Read More »

Fractured Page 24

“Blake admires a beautiful fireplace, and Jenni wants a bigger closet than the one her husband has. Pretty standard stuff at a house showing. Oh, and guess who’s getting to be the first with breast growth?”     That Blake, always bragging about the size of his closet. For some reason, I get a chuckle thinking about the… Read More »

Fractured Page 23

“After sinking to a new lower of flirting with a married woman, Jenni’s interested in the suave realtor. Better enjoy him now, Jenni, because he’s not going to be a gentleman for much longer.”

Fractured Page 22

“Tan? Check. Blonde? On his way. Busty? He’ll be heading there soon at this rate. As for Jenni, she’s far from against chatting with this suave, handsome man.”     Happy Thanksgiving, and safe travels to those of you visiting family. 🙂 For you non-Americans, happy Thursday. 😉

Fractured Page 20

“It’s just another day at the office for Blake. Although he gets a pleasant surprise when he meets a new busty, blonde client. Will he be able to contain himself around her? More importantly, what’s in store for his changes?” In case people lost track of their jobs: Evan: Intern/Student Kyle: Landscaper Blake: Realtor Matthew: Unknown

Fractured Page 19

“Matthew’s already got a bigger butt, and now he’s got a womanly pair of hair legs to match them. Kyle is starting to catch on, but there’s a lot more going on that he’s aware of. How long before it becomes clear to the others that something might be happening?” For those of you who are bored, you… Read More »