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Fractured Page 4

“Fox has found his target, but just as he’s about to work his magic, four bastards start harassing the poor girl. Luckily, she has someone coming to her defense…” For creatures of habit (like me) the ‘Latest Comic Page’ tab at the top of the page has been moved to the top of the Comic drop-down list.

Fractured Page 3

“Meanwhile on the rooftops above, a fox is on the hunt when his apprentice teleports in after a long day of work. His descendant has been doing very well under his tutelage, and is even close to matching his curse cure production. Better step up your game, old man.” Doing the math, he has been a Fox since… Read More »

Fractured Page 2

“It turns out these four are lowly scum that have no respect for others. If they don’t watch out, they might come across someone who can actually fight back.” I appreciate the input from Australian fans. I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject, but with some time and people pointing things out, I will get… Read More »

Fractured Page 1

“Welcome to the Land Down Under, and meet our new main characters of Fractured. From left to right at the top it’s Blake, Evan, Matthew, and Kyle.”   If the timeline is at all confusing, here it is: Too Good To Put Down: September 2014 My Apprentice: September 2014 Different Perspectives: August 2014 – June 2015 Fractured: June… Read More »