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By | November 6, 2015

“It turns out these four are lowly scum that have no respect for others. If they don’t watch out, they might come across someone who can actually fight back.”

I appreciate the input from Australian fans. I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject, but with some time and people pointing things out, I will get better at properly representing Australia.

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4 years ago

*reads sugarcoat comment*….Dead.

*sigh* I wish but then we wouldn’t have a comic would we?

5 years ago

Regardless of gender, race, age, religion, physical appearance or hobbies; always treat someone with dignity and respect. While displayed what here is an extremely blatant face to face insult, it should also be taken into account when whispering comments about someone… They might have heard it, and it can be very painful.

If you do ever find yourself on the receiving end, remember: Stick and stones… my friend.

5 years ago

they should treated that girl better! Looks don’t matter its what’s inside that counts!

6 years ago

More like THE ORDER OF THE JERK TABLE but witch one is KING OF the Jerks MY guess is all of them IF I were there i,d kick asses with my Rainbow Punch BAAM POW .

6 years ago

Rude pricks, I hope they get punished by the Foxx soon…

Reply to  Steve-OZ
6 years ago

agree and don’t make him pissed .

James Caras
6 years ago

To call them jerks would be an understatement.

6 years ago

they’re Lucky I’m not there Dealer of Karma. Hell on earth is too good from them.

6 years ago

there a seaworld in Australia… well ill be there is. culture spill over effect, its a small world after all.
my brain still hurts from having 4 different speakers in one frame yet again, I hope this comic wont make a habit of that

Reply to  Compudemon
6 years ago

Yeah, as you’ve probably googled there is one up north east on the Gold Coast, Queensland. I’m pretty sure there was a remake of Flipper TV show, some years back, that was made there.

Reply to  Compudemon
6 years ago

Imagine how much harder it’d be to follow without Sam’s colored world balloon style, though. That makes it much easier for me.

6 years ago

Oh, these guys are in for a reckoning.

6 years ago

Shit went from 0 to 100 real fucking quick

6 years ago

One of those guys should be punished by having the extra weight transferred from her to him after he gets transformed….

6 years ago

Lol! I must be the only one who thinks this page was hilarious. Those are thicker than tears. I think it’s some kind of sauce. Spices, maybe?

6 years ago

I hate bullies, they deserve to be punished.

6 years ago

Geez, what dicks. They deserve whatever they get

6 years ago

And this is probably where karma decides to squish them like bugs