Fractured Page 19

By | November 23, 2015

“Matthew’s already got a bigger butt, and now he’s got a womanly pair of hair legs to match them. Kyle is starting to catch on, but there’s a lot more going on that he’s aware of. How long before it becomes clear to the others that something might be happening?”

For those of you who are bored, you don’t know what’s coming in the very next scene. 😉

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Levi D Dalv
4 years ago

Has Kyle even noticed his legs?

5 years ago

hmm, perhaps they will notice in another two pages from now…”nods, guess registered lol.

Hobo K
5 years ago

There goes the soccer games.

Mina Monet
5 years ago


5 years ago

there is no big change. Big would be someone have Breasts or a Vagina with heel all together

Madison J
5 years ago

1 page a day is to slow for me at this point lol

5 years ago

Make Korean have shorter plumper legs lol they all end up same height lets go for the variety saying he is already short lol

Wicked intention
5 years ago

Has they said Rome was’t built in a day.

5 years ago

I think the pace of the story is perfect!

fadzli idris
5 years ago

i hope you can speed up the changes on four of them..i want to see how they re look alike

5 years ago

I hope the changes become more pronounced and that they start speeding up on all of them. Can’t wait till their voices start changing and they all get girl’s voices. And I hope we’ll start to see some female changes in Blake, Mr. Macho himself. Can’t wait till they all become girls. Hope it doesn’t take too long. So far, it seems their changes are going to be slow and gradual, like Jamie’s, not fast like Mariah’s or Chris’s. Would’ve been nice if they had been fast though. I’d love to have the Foxx change me into a girl, both… Read more »

Reply to  Cartoonist
5 years ago

I prefer a mix, much like it’s been happening. Some fast is cool, but I like the slow process like Jamie’s as well.

5 years ago

We have seen Blake;s clean face with no hair. Even’s torso and face change. Matthew and Kyles’s change Legs and foots. Even don’t have lot of hair like a woman with long hair. I see no big change yet.

5 years ago

Well there goes hopes of something really weird happening… Unless…

5 years ago

You’ve done it again….. Think METRIC measurements. Temperature is Celsius too, in case you’re wondering!!

Reply to  PixelPete
5 years ago

I know Australia uses metric, but there are some people I know who also understand what an inch is and use it.

Reply to  darththeo
5 years ago

If everything is in metric what ever would anyone need inches for.

Reply to  Compudemon
5 years ago

You might be surprised. I’ve heard that lots of English-speaking metric-using countries kindof mix-and-match their measurements systems. For instance, kilometers are the primary long distance measurement in Canada, but they apparently use pounds and inches a lot, too.

5 years ago

Looks like Kyle is going to enjoy his new girlfriends