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By | November 22, 2015

“Evan pulls into a firm lead in the race to womanhood when his hair becomes longer and cuter to match his changed face. So far Kyle is the only one to see people change, but he has no idea what to make of it, or even if it’s really happening. Soon, Matthew joins in on the fun.”

If you think Evan looks different, it’s even more surprising when you compare him to what he was at the start.

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1 year ago

well evan is in first place to becoming a woman with matthew not far behind. wonder who will come in third blake or kyle.

8 years ago

Love the dogy

Hobo K
8 years ago

Oh dear, it’s starting to ramp up….

James Caras
8 years ago

It is Jamie Cummings-McCarthy all over again.

8 years ago

Nice. Evan begin to looks really cute. Dangling earrings with blue rhinestones would match with his sapphire necklace.

8 years ago

To all of those that are complaining about the speed of the story,
A good story, like anything else, is done slowly and develops. If you want to build a good sturdy home do you want to build it in a few weeks? Or a favorite meal cooked in just a few minutes?
And think of this, if the story was rushed through, not only would it be poorer quality, it would come to an end so much quicker… and so would your enjoyment of it.

8 years ago

I can see why some might think the story is going slowly but it is very similar, even faster in some regards than Shifting Roommates. It is not the same speed as the animations of DP but I like the the way it is going. Great work Sam.

8 years ago

Woahhh what if the red Fox broke too and same incident happened then both apprentices found eachother and transformed a lot of people while duking it out?