Fractured Page 25

By | November 29, 2015

“You should be keeping a closer eye on that wife, Gregg. She’s all over that handsome realtor, and his hardwood. When the office calls him in, expect worst case scenario leaving Jenni alone with Blake.”

After trying to decide on how to show people are whispering, I went with grey colored text over really small text to make it easier to read.

Fractured Page 24
Fractured Page 26
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1 year ago

gregg you better keep an eye on your wife. because she might decide to cheat on you with the realtor named blake.

Aaron R Wilson
8 years ago

What is the husband doing? He is more worried about the dam house while his wife is flirting with another man. If I was the husband I would grab my wife and tell that son of a dick retailer the following.

“What the hell you fucking little boy? After flirting with my wife you lost manhood. The women want honorable men of the truth and justice way, not some little shit boy from Bay Watch. Listen to the song called Mulan: I will make a man out of you. Boy!”

Blaire Scarlet
8 years ago

I’m curous, no offense to Jenni, but she is giving off the words and tendencies of being rather ditsy. Will Blake’s mind or conscious be effected to act that way as well later on in the changes?

8 years ago

Out of curiosity are these pages made everyday or is their a folder full of stockpiled pages?

Reply to  startledpanda
8 years ago

I think foxx has made the next 30 pages or more and uploads 1 a day

8 years ago

Just to remind everyone from shifting roommates people saw the transformation as something that was always there. So that could be what is going on here

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
8 years ago

The doctor is SR couldn’t find anything medically wrong. He didn’t necessary think it was always like that

Reply to  megaman45258
8 years ago

Only in hardcopy records, like photos and document records.

8 years ago

I like the grey text for whispering Fox. It really does make it better for the “whispering” of characters. Good Work.

8 years ago

Blake is turning into a girl, maybe he should be getting attracted to the husband?

8 years ago

I have a walk-in-closet, not to brag