Fractured Page 26

By | November 30, 2015

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4 years ago

Time to discover the others pages now 🙂

5 years ago

I never seen any like awesome comic!

6 years ago

The color border for the husband in the middle left pannel is wrong… Other than that, awesome work!

6 years ago

After I have started reading about the r/K selection theory I have started getting truly disgusted with both of them. In ancient Greece it was not a crime to kill a man that had sex with thy wife.

6 years ago

I really like this lady i hope when Blake is a babe they can be best friends. How awesome would it be if Blake ended up a trophy wife like Jenni? haha.

Reply to  TeeracK
6 years ago

There is nothing good about her, she is not even well written, she is a stereotypical bimbo.

6 years ago

who knows Jenni maybe bi.

James Caras
6 years ago

Blake has no shame or conscience and Jennie is a gold digger and a slut.

Pirate Billie
6 years ago

We still really dont know what the Foxx’s intentions were with the spell he put on these guys. Generally, transition seems to be a gift the Foxx bestows on those who really want it or need it- its a gift- not a curse.. I do not see him using it as a punishment ?( That seems more like the ruby cat’s kinda thing.) All we really know is whatever spell the Foxx intended- it didnt work right- so anything might be happening. My guess…the Foxx didnt intend to punish these guys at all with trans magic….he intended to transform the… Read more »

Hobo K
6 years ago


6 years ago

Wait till he is naked and the both realize Blake’s got boobs

Reply to  Marie2bme
6 years ago

Those little lumps must have been a bee sting allergy, or peanuts.

Reply to  Compudemon
6 years ago

Or reaction to new Landry detergent like jame lol

6 years ago

ops sorry and ( her ) husband comes back to take her home

6 years ago

As he turning into jenni and jenni like it, when they enter the hot tub the water starts to swirl which starts them merging as one jenni and that blakes soul takes over the real jenni and his husband comes back to take her home?

Reply to  JAMDOOM
6 years ago

What is up with people want characters to merge?

6 years ago

Second frame is the wrong color for the men

6 years ago

One thing I think would be a good add for the site Sapphire is to make a “calendar timeline” of when and where events are going on since we’ve seen cross-over characters like Isabel. Just a thought hun…

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
3 years ago

I know this is a old comment but just wanted to ast how the timelines link together? How do the characters link from one story to another?

6 years ago

one thing he don’t look like a man anymore.