Halloween Switch 7

By | November 29, 2015

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2 years ago

How does he both green and white mana marks

3 years ago

don’t be ashamed reily robin is pretty cute

Lord of Stories
3 years ago

While I’ve already said my piece, it still irks me how this guy put those two through this mess just because they beat him fair and square, and he didn’t get any comeuppance for it. Sure he helped turn them back to normal but he still should have been punished.

Now I don’t know if you have any future plans for this guy, but in my headcanon, my characters found out about what he pulled and decided to pay him, and those two creeps from the party, a visit. And this is what they pretty much get put through.


D The Weeb
Reply to  Lord of Stories
27 days ago

Ashley helped him out of this situation tho.
Ashley helped him out of this situation tho.

4 years ago

sex scene please

4 years ago

wish i could turn into robin and wear that cute pink nighty

Garik Bronnikov
4 years ago

I bet that at this rate Riley and Robin will not want to change back when their “adventure” will end. Again, that’s a pretty obvious outcome, remembering the author who’s doing all this animations. It would be quite a boring ending. Maybe the Foxx will do a little surprise for us this time? But still I would like them to remain gender swapped in the end. God, transgender community, what have you done to me >.<

Anyway! Wonderful work, liked it very much 🙂 Thank you, SF team)

4 years ago

cant wait for more.

4 years ago

I would love to see where this goes from here..

4 years ago

This is a fascinating story line. I am sure a lot of couples wonder what it would be like to switch. Please continue the story…it is terrific.

4 years ago

You should on of those “sapphirefoxx revealed” QA videos.

4 years ago

why the subtitles do not work ???

4 years ago

I’ll confess, I was kind’a hoping we’d see a bit more of Robin and Riley …experiment a little more, but I guess that would be too much too fast. Maybe before their weekend is over they’ll explore some of the feelings associated with their new bodies. And THE RING!!! I mean, PLEASE tell me you’re not just going to leave something like that up in the air.

4 years ago

he he I love it…

4 years ago

eeerrr 48 hour! i will cant be calm and they are calm as my images

4 years ago

Can’t wait for the next segment!! Great work! What will happen next?