New Beyond Comic: Full Service – New Girl Volume 2

By | April 2, 2024

One of the fans’ most popular Beyond comics returns this week with a sequel! Full Service: New Girl volume 2 premieres April 6th!

“Two weeks ago, Clayton had a wild night at his wife’s work, where he found himself getting turned into a very busty stripper. He has since turned back into a man, but things haven’t quite been the same since. His mind is filled with the crazy memories of him working the poll, stripping with his wife, and servicing all those hot men in the VIP section. Fueled by these strange new cravings inside of him, Clayton is back as Caitlyn. Will this be just another wild night out, or will the club’s boss Keyshawn offer this stunning beauty a full time job?”

If you haven’t seen the first volume of Full Service: New Girl yet, you can catch up on the first 50 pages here!

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James Dive
8 days ago

Bruh it’s April 9th where’s this at?