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New Beyond Comic: Halloween Switch Volume 4

With Full Service: New Girl about to end in a few days, it’s time to reveal the next Beyond comic. The fourth volume of Halloween Switch: Girls Night Out will be coming out on September 13th! This volume will feature Robin traveling to New York in a crossover with the cast of Godmother . This will be unrelated… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Full Service – New Girl

Volume 4 of Substitute Perspectives will be concluding on page 186, which means the next Beyond comic will be premiering on July 25th. Everyone’s favorite stripper, Jazmin, will be returning in a new comic series called Full Service: New Girl! If you haven’t seen the original nine episode animated series, Full Service, there’s never been a better time… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Substitute Perspectives Volume 4

Fractured Stories: Shopping Around will be concluding soon, so it’s time to introduce the next Beyond comic! Substitute Perspectives is finally back with its volume 4! This comic is not only a continuation of Chris’s journey into Christen from Substitute Perspectives, but it will crossover with Isabelle’s journey into Isiah from Too Good To Interrupt. This crossover Beyond… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Fractured Stories Volume 2

Hey everyone! I want to apologize once again for the production delays, as this beyond comic should have been announced a week or two ago. We’ve got a lot of man-hours going into the new main comic Exchange Siblings, but we’re working to catch up on all the projects we’ve got going on. Anyway, the next Beyond comic… Read More »

Next SF Comic: Exchange Siblings!

As Crossfire winds down to it’s finale, it’s finally time to announce the ninth SapphireFoxx comic! Our next illustrated adventure is called Exchange Siblings, and it premieres May 12th! After the sci-fi action of Crossfire, I thought it would be a nice change of pace for the next comic to be something that is literally down-to-Earth. “Twins Hunter… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: The Mavericks Showstopper Volume 2

With the current Beyond comic Maker’s Game: Augmented Reality having it’s first volume coming to a close soon, it’s time to announce the next beyond comic coming in a few weeks. The second volume of The Mavericks: Showstopper is coming March 19th. “Brian and Alexis find themselves stuck in each other’s body after a magic trick preformed by… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Augmented Reality

As much fun as the Beyond comic The Layover has been with its epic crossover-ness, volume one will be coming to an end on page 110. This means the next Beyond comic will be start January 25th. What is the next Beyond comic you ask? Well, the cast of Maker’s Game makes their long anticipated return in Maker’s… Read More »