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New Beyond Comics! Fractured Stories

Here’s a big, fat announcement for upcoming Beyond comics. The comic Fractured will be returning as not one, but FOUR volumes in “Fractured Stories”! As the title implies, each volume will be a self-contained story about each of the four Fractured girls off on their own independent adventure. The series will be kicked off in a ten-page prologue,… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Another Chance: Free Spirit

The next beyond comic is bringing back one heckin’ old animation. Albert/Allie returns in Another Chance: Free Spirit Expect it September 18, after page 90 of Too Good To Interrupt. We wanted to try out a short Beyond comic this time, so Free Spirit will last for 28 pages. “Albert regrets a lot of decisions he’s made in… Read More »

Eighth SapphireFoxx Comic Teaser

I’m sure a lot of you can tell that we’re in the final act of Favors and Followers. While we don’t have enough ready to reveal the full cover page of the next comic, we can give a teaser and name reveal to The Eight SapphireFoxx Comic. As you’re about to see, the next comic will be quite… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Too Good To Interrupt Volume 2

The next beyond comic is the heavily anticipated sequel: Too Good To Interrupt Volume 2! Also known as “2 Good 2 Interrupt“, the comic will premiere August second, after page 82 of Miss Stewart: After Class. “Previously, Isabelle made good on her deal to turn Jennifer back into Kevin. However, after the two best nights of sex of… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Miss Stewart – After Class – Volume 2

I’m glad to see people are loving the current comic, Setting You Straight, and I’m sure you’re all going to enjoy the conclusion to volume 3. However it’s time to announce the new SF Beyond comic: Volume 2 of Miss Stewart – After Class. The next chapter will be coming June 17th, the same day as An Untrusting… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Setting You Straight Volume 3

I’m glad you’re all enjoying the Mommy Makeover comic. As we get closer to the new Chloe “reaffirming her love” with her husband, it’s time to announce the new upcoming Beyond comic: Godmother: Setting You Straight Volume 3! The third installment will begin April 28th, after Mommy Makeover’s page 41. “Oliver has dipped his toes into the waters… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Mommy Makerover- Second Chances

Coming on March 18th, we’ll see what happened to the babysitter-turned-MILF Julian! Chloe has abandoned her family and left Julian stuck in her place. If nursing a newborn wasn’t bad enough, Julian also has a new husband to handle. However, we eventually see Julian embrace his new life and family years later in Godmother, with the new Chloe… Read More »