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The Sixth SapphireFoxx Comic: Cinder Isle

It’s that time of year again! With Godmother winding down, the new comic series will be coming soon. The sixth SapphireFoxx Comic will be titled Cinder Isle! Godmother’s finale will be page 321, ending on November 28th. With Cinder Isle starting the next day, the new comic will be premiering November 29th. That’s just two months from today!… Read More »

Update on Uncensored Website

After the poll from last fall, I have been moving forward with creating the second website that has uncensored content. The logistics and man-hours that goes into creating a second site and uncensoring years worth of content has been taking quite a bit of time. I would like this second website to go live by Valentine’s Day, but… Read More »

Godmother Cover Page

I’ve got some very exciting news for the fifth comic series, Godmother! Page one of the fifth comic series is coming January 13th, the day after the last page of Maker’s Game. For a preview of the characters, setting, and plot, here’s the cover page! Series Info: “Oliver is a struggling professional model trying to get his career… Read More »

Possible Uncensored Subscription

An idea I’ve been considering recently is having a second type of subscription in addition to the standard $5 per month one. This second subscription would be $15 per month, and have uncensored versions of content. To be perfectly clear, the normal subscription wouldn’t change at all as you’d still be getting exactly was already exists. This second… Read More »

I Detransitioned

So, the reason I’ve gone months without discussing my transition or showing myself is because I’ve detransitioned. In the two years since I started hormones in May 2015, I kept getting steadily more and more depressed. Around last March or so I hit a real low point in my life. I didn’t enjoy doing anything anymore, I didn’t… Read More »

Now Streaming Classic Animations

After converting the old version of ‘Wish in the Classroom’ yesterday, today I decided to finally convert all of the old SapphireFoxx animations from Flash to the new video format. These videos are the ones that released before subscriptions were introduced. These days Flash videos are unplayable on nearly all phones and tablets, and Flash is becoming nearly… Read More »

First Look At Godmother!

Well, we’re approaching that time of year again, so with Maker’s Game 300th page, here’s the first look at the FIFTH SapphireFoxx comic series: Godmother! Since Maker’s Game will be one of our longer comic series, Godmother won’t be releasing until this winter. I won’t spoil what it’ll be about yet, but the cover page coming in the… Read More »