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New Beyond Comic: The Coed Curse – Sorority Sisters 2

After two years since the popular Sorority Sisters Beyond comic, we’re finally getting a volume 2! Mary, Kailani, Rosa, and even Luke are back for more action! Volume 2 will be coming on 6/9 (nice!) “After discovering her sorority president’s HUGE secret, and being on the receiving end of it, Mary has a new lease on life. Rather… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Girls Night Out Volume 3

It’s been over two years since we had volume 2 of “Halloween Switch: Girls’ Night Out”, and now the series is back in a big way with Volume 3! Not only are we getting more Robin, Riley, and Damon, but you can expect Ash, Holly, and even Andre from Corporate Takeover. You can expect volume 3 to begin… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Miss Stewart Volume 3

I apologize about the next comic reveal coming a bit later than normal this time around. Without further ado, the next Beyond comic will be the final volume of Miss Stewart: After Class. This is part of a bunch of Beyond comics returning for new volumes, including “The Coed Curse: Sorority Sisters 2″, “Halloween Switch: Girls Night Out… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: The Mavericks Showstopper

I hope you’re all enjoying Earning Those Tip: Give It A Chance so far. Well, as that story nears it’s climax (pun intended), it’s time to reveal next month’s Beyond comic. Jason and Haley return in The Mavericks: Showstopper! “When long-time couple Brian and Alexis go to see Vegas’ hottest magic act, they are fortunate to find themselves… Read More »

Subscription Price Changes

Hello Everyone, Let me start by saying that since the launch of the site, it’s been my goal to keep our subscriptions at an affordable cost so that as many fans as possible can enjoy our animations and comics. However, in the nine years since we started our subscriptions, inflation has significantly reduced the value of a five-dollar… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Earning Those Tips

Phoebe/Phillip from Earning Those Tips is back for her own Beyond comic! It will premiere December 10th, after the 55th page of Fractured Stories Volume 1. This story will tell an alternate ending to ETT that almost we decided to do over what happened with Juliet. “In this non-canon alternate ending, Juliet never comes to rescue Phoebe from… Read More »

Joe Mokler – 1948 to 2021

Hi Everyone, I’ve written so many posts and scripts over the years, but nothing compares how hard this has been to put to words. On Friday the fifth, my father Joe passed away at the age of 73. While his health hadn’t been the best over the last few months, no one in our family was expecting something… Read More »