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Sapphire Foxx Online Store?

We’ve got a very important poll at the moment. Please let us know your opinion. This poll isn’t to find out what percentage of people who are interested in a store, it’s to find out the quantity of people. For example, if only 40% percent of voters say they would use the store that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t… Read More »

Maker’s Game Test Page

I have a quick question for the next comic. I’ll be changing the page resolution and aspect ratio for the first time since the start of DP, so I would like to test the smallest size font you can comfortably read. Again, this should be so that you can read it easily, not a level where you have… Read More »

Fourth Comic Reveal: Maker’s Game

“Welcome to the land of Mysteria! Age of Adventurers is the world’s first MMORPG to utilize the revolutionary Neural Virtual Reality gaming system. Explore a massive world of majestic landscapes and lifelike battles like you’ve never experienced before in a game. Join your friends as you pick up your arms to fight against real life goblins, ogres, demons,… Read More »

Animation Reformatting Status (Update)

As I’ve said a few times recently, all of the 72 existing flash animations will be updated to the new 1080p streaming format. I started the conversion process over the weekend, and it’s going to take several weeks to finish this large project. Here is the current status of re-conversion: As you can see, I’ve divided the 72… Read More »

New Video Player Beta

You need a subscription to view this page. Already a subscriber? Log in here. Thinking about becoming a Subscriber? Join the web’s largest TG community to enjoy our growing collection of transgender animations and comics. -Don’t have a credit card? It’s still possible to signup as long as you have a bank account. Just link it to a… Read More »