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New Beyond Comic: Fractured Stories Volume 4

July heats up with might be the final volume of Fractured Stories. In each of the first three volumes Eva, Lilly, and Miley have each had their own solo adventure. Now it’s time for the fourth and final of Fractured’s protagonists to have her own story. Kyle/Kylie is set return, along side her new agent, Lorraine! This comic… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Cinder Isle – The Cure Volume 2

Cinder Isle: The Cure returns to the Beyond site on May 21, continuing the else-world tale of Patient Zero: Zoey. “Out of all the people infected on Cinder Isle, Zoey has been the only one who kept their penis. This had been written off as some strange anomaly in the beginning. However, after an intimate night with Natalie… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Full Service – New Girl Volume 2

One of the fans’ most popular Beyond comics returns this week with a sequel! Full Service: New Girl volume 2 premieres April 6th! “Two weeks ago, Clayton had a wild night at his wife’s work, where he found himself getting turned into a very busty stripper. He has since turned back into a man, but things haven’t quite… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Swap Poker – Four of a Kind

A brand new Beyond comic premieres next week after the conclusion of One Sexy Error: Role Reversal. Coming on February 21st will be the prequel to Swap Poker! Swap Poker: Four of a Kind will be a canon series involving Claire, Brian, Ash, and Gwen, taking place before both Swap Poker and Ashes to Ashes. “Claire and Brian… Read More »

Official Sapphire Foxx Wiki and Discord Announcement

Hey Everyone! After a lot of effort behind the scenes by some amazing fans in our community, I’m happy to announce the Official Sapphire Foxx Wiki, as well as the Official Sapphire Foxx Discord! I would especially like to thank our community members Poggie, JD Washington, and DalkothSeer for being the primary drivers of setting both up. For… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: One Sexy Error – Role Reversal

‘Tis the season for a new Beyond comic! The third volume of Fractured Stories will carry us through the holidays and New Year. Then coming on January 7th will be a brand new series based on the classic animation One Sexy Error! Auto-closet accident enjoyers rejoice! “Ray and Rachel Kent are your typical husband and wife in the… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Fractured Stories Volume 3

With Girls Night Out ending in a week, it’s time to announce the next Beyond comic. The Fractured Stories series continues with its third of the planned four volumes. This volume will focus on Matthew/Miley. The first page comes out on November 8th! “Life is tough when you go from a husband to your wife’s daughter. Even worse,… Read More »