Fractured Page 24

By | November 28, 2015

“Blake admires a beautiful fireplace, and Jenni wants a bigger closet than the one her husband has. Pretty standard stuff at a house showing. Oh, and guess who’s getting to be the first with breast growth?”


That Blake, always bragging about the size of his closet. For some reason, I get a chuckle thinking about the people who miss the obvious innuendos and end up finding this page really boring.

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1 year ago

blake checking out your client’s wife’s bust while he’s in the room you have sunk to a new low.

6 years ago

That great bannter.

8 years ago

Hubby doesn’t notice Blake has his hands on Jenni’s hip?

8 years ago

Wait… a fireplace in Australia..?

Reply to  ripssaft
8 years ago

yeah, it still gets damn cold especially south east, Tasmania the wedge shaped island below the mainland is known for it’s freezing winters, it;s closest to Antarctica and southerly’s come up from there… brrrrrr Victoria can get damn cold in winter, just not quite snow…

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
8 years ago

Were is new

8 years ago

A fusion change would be sweet in this situation if she tried try kiss him when her husband was looking around the house..

8 years ago

You’re going way too fast. If his body is ruined before he gets to have an affair with this girl its gonna be boring!

Reply to  TeeracK
8 years ago

Don’t think is going to get as far as an affair.

Reply to  patkong
8 years ago

unless she likes it both ways of course

Reply to  patkong
8 years ago

Unless blake has an affair with Gregg as a woman, lol

Mina Monet
8 years ago

oh god..

8 years ago

Seems like Blake may be turning into a clone of Jenni soon. I wonder if her husband will mistake Blake for Jenni and want to try out the Jacuzzi with Blake! ha ha