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Fractured Page 18

“Evan pulls into a firm lead in the race to womanhood when his hair becomes longer and cuter to match his changed face. So far Kyle is the only one to see people change, but he has no idea what to make of it, or even if it’s really happening. Soon, Matthew joins in on the fun.” If… Read More »

Fractured Page 17

“That piece of the Fox keeps doing what it does best even when it’s far away from him. Touching it seems to accelerate their changes. Kyle’s feet shrink, and Evan’s face changes shape. On the bright side, Evan, if you don’t get rid of it, you will keep losing weight (just in a way you don’t want).” Want… Read More »

Fractured Page 16

“We’ve seen Evan and Matthew’s homes, now we move onto Kyle (and Shiloh). Out of the four of them, Kyle is the only one to not show any signs of change. Evan stops by, and has a new sapphire necklace.” Mr. Jingles could totally take Shiloh in a fight.

Fractured Page 15

“It’s been three days since the Fox was last sighted, and Isabelle is starting to get worried. Sure, he could be out somewhere doing something in secret, but the young witch has a bad feeling about this.”

Fractured Page 14

“It seems the serial shaver is still on the loose. Matthew’s hair is already redistributing from his body to his head. Maybe his “wife” will be shaving his hairy legs soon. While Evan’s had no appetite, Matthew has been going through the opposite. Better be careful with the sweets, Matthew.” Funny story. I always assumed a wombat was… Read More »

Fractured Page 13

“Another day later, Matthew is having some seemingly positive changes, too. That bald spot is suddenly gone, and his hair’s already longer. What might be a bit concerning is the pain in his ass, and I’m not referring to his wife.”

Fractured Page 12

“A hungry Kyle, Blake, and Matthew head out for a late lunch. Meanwhile, Evan stays behind to get ready for work. Besides having zero appetite, it seems that he’s suddenly lost a bunch of weight. It seems to me that the weight is only coming off in selective areas…” I’m finally making progress on fixing the site. Long… Read More »