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By | November 18, 2015

“It seems the serial shaver is still on the loose. Matthew’s hair is already redistributing from his body to his head. Maybe his “wife” will be shaving his hairy legs soon. While Evan’s had no appetite, Matthew has been going through the opposite. Better be careful with the sweets, Matthew.”

Funny story. I always assumed a wombat was a predatory mammal like Tasmanian devils, but they are actually adorable fuzzballs that look like a beaver crossed with a bear.

I should also say that my appetite has been all over the place since starting hormones. Some days I don’t want to eat anything, some days I want to eat everything in sight.

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1 year ago

wonder how long will it take for matthew to realize that he’s transforming into a woman,

6 years ago

Matt, she literally asked you to shave like a second ago why would she tell you if she did it??


8 years ago

Is Matthew going to be transformed into an expecting mother? Guess only time will tell

Pirate Billie
8 years ago

if you do the research- there are some foods that naturally have a good dose of estrogen in them. As biologic women all know- estrogen and fat walk hand in hand. My partner got better results from hormones by slacking off on the workouts and letting herself put on some weight. The new fat settles in exactly where you want it. Regards the strip- Pity the Foxx couldnt do his mojo on the trans victim–. AND… never finished the aspects of all the magic colors– so what is ruby anyway??

8 years ago

Well there was a relative of the Wombat that was a predatory monster well because you know AUSTRALIA.

Alaster Boneman
Reply to  Isolder74
8 years ago

Because every thing in Australia at one point or another will try to kill you, I should know I live thier

Reply to  Alaster Boneman
8 years ago

Shhh…don’t explain the joke….

8 years ago

So, the chest hair magically disappears between panels? You would think that he would feel that.

Reply to  scootwhoman
8 years ago

I want to see more body change and hair grow faster. I want to see finger tip color change and grow faster.
I want to greatly change chests.

8 years ago

This does not seem like the fox it seems more of a ruby thing being i dont see fox being vengful

Alaster Boneman
Reply to  Tonio
8 years ago

Well considering what jack asses these guys were to that over weight woman that transgender girl,boy? And they smashed the Foxx him self. The Foxx is just teaching them a lesson we have no idea weather they will remain as women for ever or if it’s just temporary until they learn to be nicer people

Reply to  Alaster Boneman
8 years ago

its only fair he is only teaching them a leasson

Lizzy Jones
8 years ago

beaver crossed with a bear.

Im not sure whether to be scared or think its adorable…

Alaster Boneman
Reply to  SapphireFoxx
8 years ago

You know they bite and can be quite aggressive

Reply to  Lizzy Jones
8 years ago

They have a fairly well known reputation within Australia, that could be likened to that of a single guy who sleeps around, as the male wombat “eats, roots and leaves” BTW root is the aussie slang for sex. We even joke about it… www(dot)convictcreations(dot)com/culture/jokes.html 4) What is the Australian animal that most resembles the Australian male? The wombat, because he eats, roots, and leaves. As Alastar said below they can bite and also charge if threatened, so not always adorable in the wild. They make terrible speed humps to as they generally freeze or are to slow to cross roads… Read more »