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1 year ago

wow chris is really turning himself on while posing as his mother . let’s hope that his mom doesn’t walk in on him before he changes back to his normal self .

5 years ago

You should create a animation series for this.

7 years ago

No Chris, it is YOUR body that was molded to look like your mother’s…. do not get confused…..

8 years ago

He Just touched himself as his mom and the hole world LOVES him for it NOT:D PS:LOL.

Sophie Sephora
8 years ago

just rereading the comic and i noticed Chris feet are black. he wasn’t wearing anything on his feet in the last page and they aren’t shown again so are those shoes or socks or what?
It’s also fun to read old comments to see if anyone was close to where the comic headed… nope.

9 years ago

like mr.jekyll and mrs.hyde

9 years ago

I’m really torn on which way I wanna see this comic go.

1) When he slips into his mother’s or sister’s panties he can get stuck as a woman. He can then have fun an experience things, but he might feel trapped.

2) He can change back whenever he wants still, and have fun with the power, slowly growing more and more curious with being the fairer sex.

9 years ago

This is sort of similar to Jekyll and Hyde. Gets addicted to the power that comes along with being a woman.