48 thoughts on “Different Perspectives Page 11

  1. shoeflypie1831

    oh i think that chris will be spending a lot more time visiting his mothers and sisters closets on the sly . because i think that he’s really enjoying his new magical power .

  2. Someone99

    it seems that he can turn into any women whos clothes he puts on, perhaps he will steal other peoples clothes from school or something. Hmm, as for what would happen if he got his own pair of clothes….maybe he’d turn into a version of himself if he had been born a women. Hmm, actually i think that is what will happen “nods”.

  3. zerkerboy

    Just a thought here, but given that Jessica and Chris are twins, how likely is it that Jessica has this power in reverse? I doubt, given the extremely tight garments she wears, that she’d have ever put on a man’s clothes before. And if she isn’t currently written this way, here’s a suggestion that isn’t “make Chris’ changes permanent”!

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