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1 year ago

oh i think that chris will be spending a lot more time visiting his mothers and sisters closets on the sly . because i think that he’s really enjoying his new magical power .

0._.0 CyanCoyote
6 years ago

F*ck! she has more shoes than I have hair follicles, lol (by the way that is supposed to be laugh out loud and not Edvard Munch’s ‘The scream’.)

8 years ago

it seems that he can turn into any women whos clothes he puts on, perhaps he will steal other peoples clothes from school or something. Hmm, as for what would happen if he got his own pair of clothes….maybe he’d turn into a version of himself if he had been born a women. Hmm, actually i think that is what will happen “nods”.

9 years ago

I wonder what would happen if he got his own set of female clothes?

9 years ago

It’s all a dream. But too late, he wants it all the time now. That’s where the Foxx comes in to play.

9 years ago

Just a thought here, but given that Jessica and Chris are twins, how likely is it that Jessica has this power in reverse? I doubt, given the extremely tight garments she wears, that she’d have ever put on a man’s clothes before. And if she isn’t currently written this way, here’s a suggestion that isn’t “make Chris’ changes permanent”!

Reply to  zerkerboy
9 years ago

Yes. I agree. YES!!!!!!

9 years ago

Chris has a girlfriend with his power he could have turned to the taste in it.

9 years ago

It looks like things are going to start changing for “Chris/Scarlett” very soon. At first when she started wearing Jessica’s clothes, except for that “one little place”, even though her body had become female “Chris” was still more or less thinking as a guy. And “he” was just simply expermimenting with Jessica’s clothes, which “he” found out by accident. Then when she became Scarlett, she knew she had a power, or “superpower.” At first, “Chris/Scarlet” didn’t think too much of her superpower, but now the more and longer she stays a woman, the more she likes her power. She is… Read more »

Reply to  Cartoonist
9 years ago

Last comic was 300+ pages long, this has 10 so far, so why ask for permanent feminization now? I mean, there is a lot of confusion and discovery and mischief that can happen between page 11 and… i don’t know… Page 350… So, if he gets stuck at page 300 of 350 I’m happy too, but ask for a permanent transformation on page 11 seems a bit too early…

Reply to  Cartoonist
9 years ago

I’d rather just see him keep experimenting and trying things out.