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1 year ago

i wonder who will chris pose as next female wise .

6 years ago

dumb question? why dont they ever show nipples?

Matthew Clark
9 years ago


Reply to  SapphireFoxx
9 years ago

It should have been San Fransisco. Even the SF could be for Sapphire Foxx 😉

9 years ago

I really love all of your stories and animations, Foxx. I may try doing my own TG comics of my own one day. They would be for my enjoyment only. Unlike your stories, which are done on a computer, I would do mine the old fashioned way. I would hand draw and ink them, just like the comic book cartoonists at all of the big time comic book companies do. I’m currently taking a home coorespondance comic book course where I hand draw and ink them. I found out that I love drawing comics. I think I missed my calling… Read more »

9 years ago

is the redhead one of his girlfriends?

9 years ago

Awwwwww……….ya changed him back. (Sniff Sniff! Sob Sob!) Then again, this story still has a long way to go. There’ll be more of these changes again. Will he reach a point where he changes so many times that there comes a time where it’ll be permanent? I know the story will go the way that it will, but everyone has different views and hopes. That is democracy at work. I know if I had been the one who had done the story, everyone would make suggestions on how it should go. Again, democracy at work. Somehow I wonder if “Chris”… Read more »

skynetdav e
9 years ago

I bet he isn’t the only one with that power

9 years ago

Can you please put some “jiggle” effect on the new boobs and butt? I think you are the best in the business is adding “weight” to the illustrations!

Reply to  alomedia
9 years ago