Different Perspectives Page 13

By | October 14, 2014

“Chris is back to normal, and has put all the clothes back just where he found them because he’s got a big secret to keep now. Shortly after, he welcomes home the real Scarlett. Her mind’s been stuck on her daughter who keeps pushing her away for moving on to a new man. Their family isn’t perfect, but Chris does what he can to hold them together.”

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    1 year ago

    boy does jessica have problems accepting the loss of her father and accepting the fact that her mother has moved on and found someone that she can spend the rest of her life with . i wonder if jessica has someone that she can open up to about her feelings and work through her issues with .

    9 years ago

    That would be very interesting to see their mother away from home, going out on vacation, time to find a solution, think about his family circumstances. During this time, Chris could become her mother and trying to fix things with Jessica, or become a friend of his sister to try to talk to Jessica, to be his confidante and improve family situations.

    James Caras
    9 years ago

    Chris should pose as his mom and try to talk to Jessica.

    9 years ago

    Jessica’s not accepting Mark and being mad sounds soooo familiar. She blames her mom for having Mark and not her father. Whatever happened to their marriage was never mentioned. But it’s the same traditional problem. Jessica sounds like she had that special bond with her father, and no man will ever, ever replace her father in her book. There’s a special bond between a father and his daughter that can never be broken. Every girl who has a father that she loves so much will, when she finds a man and marries him, will try to find a man who… Read more »

    9 years ago

    Just caught up on this. Wow, very good so far.

    9 years ago

    seems backwards, moms comfort the son, no the other way

    9 years ago

    for a second i thought that he didn’t become them but traded body parts so that since he went from his sister body to his moms they would have swapped bodies and thats what was wrong when she was pretending to her her own mom… but thats not the case 😛

    9 years ago

    I think …another woman should …mediate between mother and daughter……. he could ‘borrows’ clothes from someone both the mother and daughter knows…..and talk to both of them together……