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By | October 8, 2014

“Chris has now completely turned into his sister (except for one part tucked away). Rather than freaking out from turning into a girl, his imagination is running wild with all the things that would be possible with his power of becoming whoever he wants. Then again, is the magic based on Chris’s body, or Jessica’s clothes? Jessica’s identical twin goes into their parent’s room to find out.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really enjoying this story so far. I haven’t been this excited about making comics for a quite a while.

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1 year ago

chris you are a very curious boy are you . wondering if he will try on his mothers clothes next .

8 years ago

I want that power ;3 😀 .PS I wonder if I wore MLP coles would I become a pony?.

8 years ago

my guess will be umm…err…the power comes from him rather than the clothes.

9 years ago

I guess the transformation only happen in family
so stepfather / other friend is not ok

probably they will make some bet to try swap the body & role for 1 week
looking forward to see these happen 🙂

9 years ago

Really loved Shifting Roommates, but enjoying the way that this comic gets to the point more quickly

9 years ago

What I’m wondering is what happens with unbranded clothes e.g. if he went to the male and brought a new outfit and put it on would it turn him into an appropriate form or have no effect e.g. if he bought a teen girls swimsuit and put it on would he become the teen female version of whoever he was at the time?

Reply to  Senko
9 years ago

no i think he would only chage if they bought the clothing

9 years ago

i think i know a person or two that would spend half of all they own for clothing like those, save the other half for.. more clothes..lol

9 years ago

It would be funny if the person he is emulating changes too and changing to someone else without changing back causes complications to the people he is swapping with.