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By | October 9, 2014

“Chris is learning more and more, but it’s not everything he was hoping for. The magic is based on his own body, so he can transform into anyone by wearing their clothes. The bad news? (for him, not us) His power only works on women.”

Is it me, or does the Jessica/Scarlett morph look like a L’Oréal commercial with the hair flying back like that?

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1 year ago

that chris has the best magical power in the world by wearing female clothes . if i was chris i would accept it .

9 years ago

Animate this… ANIMATE THIS RIGHT NOW! I’ve turned into the person my mother would be dissapointed with… guess thats why i moved out right?

9 years ago

WTF!? What is up with the size of that closet!?

9 years ago

Are you taking the weekend off?

9 years ago

Excellent stuff like always.
I’m glad that I subscribed back to your site

9 years ago

I think the dynamics of this comic are excellent so far, and you’re cramming so much into each panel that it’s keeping us on the edge of our seats.

I know I’m in the minority, but I’m sad that Chris won’t experience even a slight muscle transformation by putting on a buff guys clothes at the gym he works at. I’m glad that the transformations aren’t permanent though. I could completely understand the lack of appeal to just transforming him into his step father though.

Levi D Dalv
9 years ago

I wonder what turns his ‘head’ back, earrings are for girls.

Mix and match, Mother’s legs, Sister’s torso, and a red head’s head?? That could be interesting, becoming a new person.

9 years ago

Earrings affecting his eyes, and by extension his face seem logical, but it seems like the hair should be a separate change. Probably too late for this feedback, but those old Medallion of Zulu stories could offer inspiration. Hair changing from hair clips, or those hair bands, or other hair accessories. As it is now, there isn’t much of a way to separate hair change from eye / mouth / nose / face etc. changes.