Different Perspectives Page 6

By | October 7, 2014

“Trying to find something that will change his head, Chris puts on a pair of her clip-ons to see if that does the trick. Seconds later, voilà! Jessica’s twin is now her identical twin! Chris discovers that changing the head also changes the voice.”

Since things can become complicated in the future when Chris is transformed, his dialogue bubbles will keep their blue outlines, but the text font will reflect the character he has turned into.

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1 year ago

chris i hope your sister jessica doesn’t catch you impersonating her without her knowledge .

6 years ago

The dialogue outlines was very clever. And it sure seemed to work out for future comics too

6 years ago

I wish ‘this would happen to me

9 years ago

this is where the comic starts to get VERY sexy.

9 years ago

Page broken

Mina Monet
9 years ago

I think a lot of us figured that the voice is female by the font at this point but the speech bubble thing may’ve needed to be mentioned.

9 years ago

If he takes off the earrings his head won’t change back until he puts on something of his.

9 years ago

AS the text when he is transformed,use pink text so we cnow how she sounds like..Like this ones and i cant wait to see what gonna happend..:)

Reply to  Puttes
9 years ago

In her jeans it doesn’t look like he’s got his parts they look like it’s gone aswell