Different Perspectives Page 5

By | October 6, 2014

“Chris is learning more and more about the magic at work here. Taking off clothes will keep him in whatever form he was in until he changes clothes, he can revert back to himself by wearing his own clothes, and he can grow breasts by wearing a bra. Knowing it’s safe to turn back, he becomes more bold in testing it out.”

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7 years ago

Should of had him describe the feeling of his new breast developing and nipples growing

Reply to  dirteexj
6 years ago

Yes I would like to hear that so much 😀 .

Max Jackson
7 years ago

What time do new pages get released?

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
7 years ago

I don’t see them til the morning
Must different time zone

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
6 years ago

I live with mountan time :3 :D.

7 years ago

oh wow the curse evolve in him to change at will

7 years ago

This doesn’t really seem like Foxx-plot fare, so I wonder what’s causing her clothes to act like this?

Reply to  coredumperror
7 years ago

Maybe the Ruby Cat?

7 years ago

They must use Sapphire Fox brand laundry detergent.

Natsu Dragneel
7 years ago

Very interesting, I’m excited to find out what happens next

7 years ago

Ok, using the preview pictures that Foxx has given us I don’t think he is turning into the redhead. The nail colors of Jessica and the redhead are different when I compared them. So not including the rare scenario in which Chris paints Jessica’s nails immediately or magic changes them somehow, he is definitely turning into his sister. Plus, sneaky spoilers that got taken down.

Although, from what I’ve read in the comments it’s possible that Chris may turn into the redhead by mixing his mom’s and sister’s wardrobes when transforming. I doubt it, but it’s a possibility.

7 years ago


7 years ago

He’s cute like that.

7 years ago

I apologize, but when confronted with “suddenly breasts” I don’t think I’d worry about changing my head so quickly lol.

Also, liking the idea of this comic so far lol.

Geoffro Madness
7 years ago

i can forsee the ensuing chaos… i love it! 🙂

7 years ago

this is amazing this reminds me of a dream i had one time where i put on a bra and breasts grew out

Levi D Dalv
7 years ago

He can pretend to be her……this could cause a lot of trouble, what can he do pretending to be her.

7 years ago

I wanna wear Jessica’s clothes lol. Great work as always Foxx

7 years ago

There is so much potential to this magic! I’m curious to see if Chris delves into some gym clothes where he works to bulk up a bit!