Fractured Page 11

By | November 15, 2015

“Blake is very pissed off at the other three from thinking they shaved off his facial hair after he was the first to past out. Although all of them seem to think they were the first to pass out, and the last few moments up to the Fox arriving are lost to them. Buuuttttt… it seems that Fox’s broken magic is slowly acting on them.”

Stealing From Sis Anniversary will be out today. The good news is that I’m doing everything I can to make it one huge animation, even though it’s the length of two. The thing is that I’ll need a few more hours to finish editing it. It looks awesome! 😀

UPDATE: I’m very sorry about the animation being late, as well as all the issues with the site for the last couple of days. Because of spending most of the day trying to fix the site, I haven’t been able to finish the animation. I’m looking to get it uploaded tomorrow morning (GMT -5), barring more technical problems with the site. I’ve been doing everything in my power to get SFS done, even working 15 hour days every day this week. Thank you for your patience.

Stealing From Sis Before and After

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1 year ago

did these guys just get off the bus in dumb dumb town. they don’t even notice what’s going on with each one of them because they think that the other was playing a trick on them when in fact it was alistair that set things in motion.

8 years ago

I get an email that I’ve purchased subscription and I’ve checked my paypal if everything is right, but there’s some sort of bug that says something is wrong. I really wanna see the new comicpages, can’t stand the 2 days waiting on deviantart, so please halp mi 🙁

8 years ago

Can’t see new content either.why

8 years ago

Hopefully you’re aware of this issue, but if not, I’ll tell you. I was logged in and when trying to see fractured, said I wasn’t logged in, as well as the site being very slow. Logging back out and in fixed it.

8 years ago

Hey Foxx take your time , it will be worth the wait and awesome.

8 years ago

Sam take your time I am sure it will be worth the wait xxxxxx

8 years ago

Everyone needs to lay off Sam because the animation isnt out yet. Yes its late but so what? The guy works like a trooper 365 days a year on this site. I would have thought that would warrant a day or two delay once in a blue moon…

Reply to  Darksoul
8 years ago

Dont you mean “She works like a trooper”?

Damian Kaiser-Crompton
8 years ago

Aaaawww *hugs* we are not mad Foxx… take your time this Husky knows you´ll manage *wags and smiles* :3