Different Perspectives Page 23

By | October 24, 2014

“Chris, now Holly, is cutting loose and enjoying the pleasures her body has to offer. In fact, he might be enjoying it a little too much. He loves his girlfriend and loves having sex with her, but if he keeps enjoying himself as much as he is, he might start getting jealous of her.”

Even I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s page.

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1 year ago

i have a funny feeling that the real holly will be returning unexpectedly .

8 years ago

I want too do that (pout e face) Give me his powers ;3 😀 .

Levi D Dalv
9 years ago

Hope he has a way to wash the clothes, can’t have wet panties in the draws.

9 years ago

Love her face in the fourth panel.

9 years ago

This leads to a major test of ones personality. Either he uses his power for wrong (which is very tempting, but not going to happen as we all know), or he goes on with his new life being able to enjoy both sides of the world (though most likely with women at all times). The fact that the first thing he does a day after he finds out about his power is turn into his GF a gets personal with it doesn’t bug me, its his decision. I personally would have given it more time a little more time to… Read more »

9 years ago

salvation army clothes would be fun……find some that are hot….and worn by a younger person…..late teens..early 20’s……

9 years ago

Wouldn’t it be great if his mind began to transform and he actually thought he was Holly then had a case of forgotten identity, got amnesia and just thought he was a girl! Just me? Okay…

Reply to  dakingdel
9 years ago

Then after that happened the actual holly would start turning in to him.

9 years ago

high hells high hells please 🙂