36 thoughts on “Different Perspectives Page 24

  1. Cartoonist

    It finally happened, just like I thought it would. Holly is plearsuring herself, when Holly knocks and walks in. Luckily for Holly no. 2, she’s hidden from Holly no. 1

    Even, if she’s not caught, Holly no. 2 is never going to stop becoming a girl and experiment. It’s too late to go back to the old days. Holly’s hooked. Page 24 is the best one yet.

    There are now 2 possible outcomes. Holly no. 2 manages to NOT get caught, her girlfriend gets what she needs and ignores her ‘widdle puddy tat” Holly no. 2 changes back into a guy, and is Chris again. And sooner or later, “he’s” back to changing into a girl again. If Holly no.1 is the type to freak out, then I hope she leaves before seeing her girlfriend behind the closet doors. I don’t want to see their relationship with each other destroyed.

    The other outcome is that Holly no. 2 DOES get caught by Holly no. 1. At the worse, Holly no.1 is only very slightly annoyed and forgives her girlfriend, but decides to “punish” Holly no. 2. She makes he STAY a girl, especially if it’s for a whole weekend. Maybe Holly no. 1 decides she might want to have Lesbian sex and do Lesbian things with her new girlfriend. She may also decide that she wants her girlfriend to stay a girl and show her what it’s like to BE a girl.

    Both Hollys might even go out together and do girl things together. And Holly might have her twin be at another place and help her while the first Holly has to be at a different place.

    And whatever happens after this, Chris/Holly is going to have to trust someone and tell them about her power. And she’ll have to trust her girlfriend and mom. If she does, things will workd out for good after that.

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