Different Perspectives Page 25

By | October 26, 2014

“Well, there’s good news and bad news for Chris. The good news is that he dodged untold consequences from his girlfriend finding him transformed as her. The bad news? His way to transform back into himself just walked out the door.”

Hey, it was one year ago today that I started doing subscriptions. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the last 365 comic pages, and 29 animations 😀

Different Perspectives Page 24
Different Perspectives Page 26
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daniel grease
1 year ago

stupid decision

1 year ago

chris really dodge a bullet there when holly came back unexpectedly . now with the real holly taking his clothes with her how will chris get himself out of this .

4 years ago


6 years ago

Houston we got a problem.

Jack liu
6 years ago

You can have free pages updated every 100 pages so that non-subscribers can enjoy more

7 years ago

oh charo

8 years ago

& then he new he fucked up .

Levi D Dalv
9 years ago

Looks like ‘Holly’ has to get home without being notice and put on Chris’s clothes to turn back.