Different Perspectives Page 25

By | October 26, 2014

“Well, there’s good news and bad news for Chris. The good news is that he dodged untold consequences from his girlfriend finding him transformed as her. The bad news? His way to transform back into himself just walked out the door.”

Hey, it was one year ago today that I started doing subscriptions. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the last 365 comic pages, and 29 animations 😀

Different Perspectives Page 24
Different Perspectives Page 26
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2 years ago


4 years ago

Houston we got a problem.

Jack liu
4 years ago

You can have free pages updated every 100 pages so that non-subscribers can enjoy more

5 years ago

oh charo

5 years ago

& then he new he fucked up .

Levi D Dalv
Levi D Dalv
7 years ago

Looks like ‘Holly’ has to get home without being notice and put on Chris’s clothes to turn back.

joseph j sam 111
7 years ago

all i can say is you do great work i love it all

7 years ago

The orginal Holly is still in her bedroom. Her twin better not sneeze before she leaves. Even with the closet door open like it is to hide her, the sound would still get through and she’ll be found out. Do not sneeze “Holly!”

7 years ago

I never thought it possible, but page 25 is the best one yet. As of now, I think the Different Perspectives is even better than the Shifting Roommates series of comics. I don’t know about anyone else, but I hope this series is at least as long as the Shifting Roomates series was. Right from the beginning, page 25 was so gooooooodddd. I just loved it. I knew that Chris/Holly was going to have something like this happen to her. She’s been a girl for so long now that I no longer think of her as a guy. I think… Read more »

7 years ago

I have a feeling there will be some chain shifting done in order to get back into his house without causing a fuss.

Reply to  Cheddar
7 years ago

Oh yeah

7 years ago

Already bee a year? Wow. I’ve following this from the beginning but didn’t subscribe until 3 months in. It’s a highlight of every day.

7 years ago

Wow this really amazing can’t wait for more

7 years ago

The cat is Ruby, isn’t it?

7 years ago

I wish he had gotten more into playing with his self. Would Be even more priceless hiding in the closet half naked 🙂 this is what I was hoping for great work . Maybe they live real close to each other . So his car out on the street would be normal.

7 years ago

I did! Hope you enjoyed the $60! Its a pretty good racket