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1 year ago

looks like leon and hikaru might become more than just friends.

2 years ago

Hope someone already said it but quivers are weapon storage and I’m not sure that side is where he really wants to sheathe his.

6 years ago

wow, I’m surprised he/she doesn’t notices he/she has his/her ass is close to his dick I know its a game but still

Veteris Ordo Seclorum
7 years ago

Holy shit I wish this game existed in real life… Just I couldn’t get in this situation since I already know how to shoot a bow and arrow… : Well, guess I’d find some other excuse to get in the situation if it did exist ;D

7 years ago

If the game teaches your brain to be a better fighter, I wonder what other “things” it can teach you…

7 years ago

Leon…you bad man put away your hidden dagger lol

Goku Black
7 years ago

Really gotta give you credits on this Sam.
Your series went from a series of random transformation to a full fledged universe with good lore and interesting characters.
All from what I see now is good story lines and good tie in stories like with the animations finally carching up with the comics.

Couple of nit-picks here and there, and some mistakes made, good plot and art out matches the bad.
~Your favorite Saiyan

Demon of Empire
Reply to  Goku Black
7 years ago

I’ll say. Heh.

7 years ago

I would just Alt f4, problem solved.

Reply to  slight
7 years ago

what about the mac users?