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By | November 13, 2016

“It’s better to assume that you’re brother is clueless about girls, Yuzuki. Hell, he’s even more clueless about BEING a girl. As for Leon, he’s happy to find out that the girl Hikaru is with isn’t her boyfriend… But that’s not all.”

Random question for anyone who has experience with theater acting! When people are auditioning for a role, are they in costume or in normal, everyday clothes?

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1 year ago

i think yuzuki has a lot to teach her brother hikaru about being a girl and what guys do with girls.

6 years ago

Auditions are whatever you bring usually normal clothes but if u brought a costume I’m sure no one would compain

Reply to  Wasp19645
2 years ago

I’ve never seen anyone who auditioned in costume actually get cast. Maybe understudy or crew but going that far rarely helps show your performance skill.

Veteris Ordo Seclorum
7 years ago

Come on, Sapphire Foxx! Again using the wrong “your”? ;c (in that comment you made below the image, not in the image itself, it’s perfect <3 )

Veteris Ordo Seclorum
7 years ago

“into your tunic” Cracked me up ;D

7 years ago

Did nobody see that Lenna Said gave be ?

7 years ago

When auditioning, I usually wear street clothes.

Pirate Billie
7 years ago

Everyday clothes- and the blander and less noticeable the better– you dont want to give them something to use to screen you out.

Livin' Life on the Ejs
7 years ago

Think of an audition as a chance for the director and/or principals to see the raw acting talent and the conviction that will be brought to the characters. Costumes just get in the way of it (although props are allowed if the scene calls for it.) Just FYI.