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By | November 3, 2016

“Talk about an out-of-body experience. Hikaru now has the body of his character, Leena, while his real body gets scanned away into the game system. Although, what’s the big deal about accidentally picking a girl model? You can just log out and make a new one. Right?”

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54 thoughts on “Maker’s Game Page 9

  1. brownfool

    nice plot twist after many pages….
    will we see Jamie Mccarthy later in the game?
    Plunko was one of the sorcerer that get catched by Grey Mask some pages later.
    the funnyiest thing is that you add Grey_Mask to the search list…
    really funny

    1. TheDarkNeon

      Jamie? Well I mean I know that she is a gamer buuuuuuut I think having a baby girl at this point is abit too time consuming for her to get something as BIG as the NVR.

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