54 thoughts on “Different Perspectives Page 1

  1. The_Odd_Duck

    “The question of what constitutes a human being remains unanswered. But one critical characteristic’s human multi-purpose adaptability.”*

    Colin Kapp

    This story is one of those gyms that don’t come that often. It a wonderful story of a young man who quite by accident that he has some magical powers that set him off on a set of adventures and misadventures that have trying to deal with friends and family along the way. This story restored my faith’s that someone can write something more than makeup and clothes story.

  2. TheDarkNeon

    This was the comic that caught my eye. And that cliffhanger at the last free page would drive me nuts!

    But I’m finally subscribed and it was the first thing I checked!….FOUR HUNDRED PAGES LATER @.@

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