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By | October 30, 2016

“AOA gives players a ton of customization options when it comes to creating your character! Hikaru uses them to turn his Moon Elf girl into the sexiest thing that the breast, waist, and hip sliders will let him create. Hm… Why do the words ‘digging’, ‘own’, and ‘grave’ come to mind?”

I think this is what would happen if 80 to 90% of the fanbase was in charge of creating SapphireFoxx characters.

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60 thoughts on “Maker’s Game Page 5

  1. TheDarkNeon

    Btw for breast size options I always set it (if it’s allowed) exactly 69 percent busty.

    I appreciate any chuckles I garnered from that, that is indeed the joke 😉

  2. Aaron R Wilson

    If you can have sex in this game like the comic say, I wouldn’t really have a choice but to exit out and be a guy avatar, I would be darn before I let that female avatar make me bi or gay, when I wake up I will be a guy again and I would be mad as heck if a shirtless dude make me blush because I became a female character in that game.

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