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By | October 29, 2016

“Hikaru enters the game, only to find an empty digital horizon. However, he has some fun with being able to create his character right in front of him. He’s accustomed to playing as sexy female characters because they are much more enjoyable to look at. Hikaru, I think you forget that your perspective won’t be of her, it will be her own perspective that you see.”

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1 year ago

get to design and chose your own character . boy i think hikaru is going to have a lot of fun designing and creating his own female character.

3 years ago

im just happy that bard is there

6 years ago

Damn forshadowimg from page 4 lol

6 years ago

Comment on fait pour regarder toutes les vidéos sans payer s’il vous plaît

6 years ago

I admit I always choose female if given an option. Mainly because A: the promos for any game always make it more streamed by the male selection. Mass effect is a big example of course. And choosing female means I get to see how these events are played out with her involved. And second: I feel in games it’s ironic to play as the female like Saints Row where their lifestyles include money, big game and sex…and the boss is a female. I dunno if the points I’m making are valid but it’s just…it’s fun seeing a girl kicking around… Read more »

7 years ago

I can see that last option poking up at the bottom: “breast size”.
I’m watching you Sam -.-

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  Lanz
3 years ago

Him and anime ass and tits.

7 years ago

This is me in Mass Effect, Skyrim, Oblivion, Fall out, basically any game where they let you choose the gender. I like the challenge of saying how would she play it not how I would play it.

7 years ago

“If I’m going to be looking at a character I play for awhile, I’d rather be looking at a girl.” I think sense a bit of game grumps inspiration :]

Reply to  Brandon
7 years ago

People have had that kind of thinking long before Game Grumps. Arin wasn’t the first one to think of that.

Reply to  LinkandZelda4ever
7 years ago


Reply to  Brandon
7 years ago

Yeah i don’t know what/who a game grumps is … but always choose female characters if i could – unless it was barbarians and dual wielding … but mages or sorcerers were female characters, like Hikaru said why would i want to look at the back of a guy for hours on end.

I get that it is first person and he won’t have to look at anything like a third person view point, but old habits die hard, and maybe he just secretly yearns to be a female himself…