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By | October 29, 2016

“Hikaru enters the game, only to find an empty digital horizon. However, he has some fun with being able to create his character right in front of him. He’s accustomed to playing as sexy female characters because they are much more enjoyable to look at. Hikaru, I think you forget that your perspective won’t be of her, it will be her own perspective that you see.”

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  1. TheDarkNeon

    I admit I always choose female if given an option. Mainly because A: the promos for any game always make it more streamed by the male selection. Mass effect is a big example of course. And choosing female means I get to see how these events are played out with her involved. And second: I feel in games it’s ironic to play as the female like Saints Row where their lifestyles include money, big game and sex…and the boss is a female.

    I dunno if the points I’m making are valid but it’s just…it’s fun seeing a girl kicking around 20 npc enemies in the dick with little effort.

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