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By | October 26, 2016

“The world’s first Neural Virtual Reality video game hits the market! In Age of Adventurers players can become their character and explore the vast world of Mysteria. Hikaru and his little sister, Yuzuki, are two players who can’t wait to try it out on launch day.”

Well, it looks like somebody won’t be partying like it’s 1999. Fun fact, Maker’s Game already has a higher death toll than the previous three comics combined.

By the way, the new characters’ names are pronounced:
Hikaru: HE-KAH-ROO


One more thing, here’s the first ever SapphireFoxx Timeline. Hopefully this clears up a lot of complicated and interconnected stories. Maker’s Game takes places about a year after Fractured and Matchmaker. However, there’s one major series that’s noticeably, and purposely, absent from this timeline.

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Sam Alexander
1 year ago

Can you create the beyond comic when the villain steals Isabells body and puts his Soul in Isabells body and starts to live a life as isabel and date Isabells boyfriend Chris. It is an request from me so can you please create this storyline beyond comic

1 year ago

brother hikaru and sister yuzuki had just picked up the latest vr game boy those units sure cost a ton of dough. i hope that their experiences is a great one.

2 years ago

Left off awakening, guess your not tipping your and as Ruby’s girls increase their body count and she skewers innocent sapphire Nessies.

Hair removal
Hair removal
2 years ago

hi mr subscribe for me

6 years ago

So this is the guy becoming the final boss. Ha, you think we could forget heheehehhe

Reply to  ogpixelpain
6 years ago

That’s a huge spoiler for anyone catching up to the comic!!

6 years ago

O.o….did..I miss something? I don’t recall seeing…WGATEVER that was at the start in the preview before I ever subscribed.

JC Alex
7 years ago

I wonder..where is awakening on the timeline?

Reply to  JC Alex
6 years ago

And I quote: “However, there’s one major series that’s noticeably, and purposely, absent from this timeline.”

Levi D Dalv
7 years ago

So Sam, does this mean Halloween switch is now 2016 instead of 2014?

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
7 years ago

then you need to change some of the Videos from Halloween switch
because there are year marks in the Videos
eg: Time 5:40