Halloween Switch 11

By | July 7, 2016

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Helen (Ellen) W.
7 months ago

Kind of wish we would find out that Robin was cursed all along and that Riley would become her wife. It would be nice to see that she even as herself still wants to be with Robin and that it is all about her character to her. That would have been the perfect ending for me. But this is nice too.

Reply to  Helen (Ellen) W.
3 months ago

I was thinking the same thing when Robin didn’t change back. I would have loved to see it end that way as well. Although if Robin decides she doesn’t want to go back and Riley decides she does want to go back it could still happen. Whatever gender each decides they want I’m sure their wedding will go on it’s just a matter of how many dresses and who’s wearing them.

1 year ago

I still think this needs an eilogue. Did robin change back or did her motherly instincts kick in making her want to stay a woman?

Reply to  GlobalOwl
6 months ago

the point is that you can make up your own mind

D The Weeb
Reply to  GlobalOwl
2 months ago

Go watch Ashes To Ashes for your answer.

1 year ago

I like the and want to see a short sequel to know what happens next

1 year ago

I agree with the comments for at least one more story.

Do they want to change back?

If so, then how soon?

The Jade Serpent
1 year ago

an aftermath episode with robin deciding to stay as a female would be awesome

1 year ago

I think that we all want to see them stay the same as what they are. It would be a great new story line. Yes,

1 year ago

i would love to see an Epilogue Episode
maybe one where we see Robin giving birth or down the aisle as the Bride

2 years ago

will the baby able to do magic?

Reply to  justanoutcast
1 year ago

they aren’t sorcerers

2 years ago

This cute animation is wide open for continuation of Ralieh and Robin’s live and the on coming baby.

Michael Denison
2 years ago

I really hope Robin stays who she is. being a mommy much better then a daddy. lol.

Reply to  Michael Denison
1 year ago

maybe during the pregnancy the very high levels of estrogens changed Robin’s mind more to the point that almost all “his” mind is turned female

2 years ago

And riley’s Breasts are very shiny

2 years ago

My IPad died at I don’t want to give up ll and those are the sounds of l’s so I was worried about freaking suicide and then it turned back on and said lild and I was like WUT ARE DOES

2 years ago

Really hope they stayed in their reversed roles!

Reply to  jennynyc86
1 year ago

me too

Heather Rose
2 years ago

went back to watch the Halloween switch again You are sneaky putting this cliff hanger in so long ago I missed it then. way to go

2 years ago

excellent story, I loved the couple in this story.