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By | October 18, 2014

“Chris’s curiosity is rising even higher as he makes love to Holly. The manly man and good boyfriend is wondering what it’s like on the other side. He might just get his chance at her closet very soon.”

Halloween Switch will be out tonight. It’s a big project, and I’ve been working on it very hard all week. I’ll try to get it out as early as I can, but there is still a bit to do. It may be a bit late in the evening before it’s done, but I will get it done today.

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1 year ago

even during love making chris fantasizes about having sex as a woman . i wonder how would he approach it .

6 years ago

I just realized that holly should be a virgin! because this is her 18th birthday

9 years ago

His obsession is going to turn into an addiction once he gets his hands on some panties

9 years ago

No foxx said tonight so give him some time to finish and publish it. I think it will be worth the wait to see Halloween Switch.

9 years ago

Awww. You undid the nip slip. Chickened out or was it accidental with the models or something?

9 years ago

what have your foxx with this to do?

9 years ago

How do they not get caught?

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
9 years ago

What kind of parents let their little girl get f**ked all night in their own house?? >.<

9 years ago

But but but… I liked the slip. 🙁

Callie Thunder
Reply to  tryptophane
9 years ago

and I missed it 🙁