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By | January 29, 2018

“Grayson was pissed about having to work late to do a favor for his friend, but he’s suddenly fine with it once he lays eyes on the beautiful blonde he’s working with.”

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1 year ago

boy that grayson is sure mad that oliver called in a favor at the worst time. but he quickly changes his tune when he sees oliver’s cousin. wonder if grayson will get attracted to her.

5 years ago

Your parents are cute Sam

6 years ago

Bon anniversaire, Fox, et bonne continuation ! ! ! Ton travail fait le tour du monde ! (=Your work goes all around the world ! )

6 years ago

That purse that she is carrying looks very familiar I believe that it has shown up several times on other cute ladies in the Foxx universe , another thing I saw is they are shaking left handed I find that quiet odd.

Reply to  Vyonne
5 years ago

She is shaking left handed. He is responding. See the way her hand is wrapped around his fingers instead. His hands are not that big.

matthew kingston
6 years ago

happy birthday to you

6 years ago

Happy Birthday to you or your family member. Love another Jamie

6 years ago

Happy birthday man?

Damian Kaiser-Crompton
6 years ago

Happy Fursday :3